12 fun learning apps to beat winter boredom

The 2020-2021 school year has been anything but typical. With more and more students using devices for school each day, learning apps are more prevalent than ever.

While too much passive screen time isn’t ideal, active screen time–during which students are creating content or thinking critically using engaging learning apps–can be beneficial, especially when students are learning from home or in hybrid situations where they’re using devices more often.

Here, we’ve compiled 12 fun learning apps that students can use with teachers, parents and adults, or on their own.

1. DIY.org Creative Challenge‘s video library is filled with the awesome stuff in the world that delights both parents and kids. Art, innovation, science, laughter, and everything in-between. Plus, it’s all ad-free. Most videos are paired with projects that kids can do at home. We’ll also show your kids videos made by other kids on DIY to inspire their imagination and help them get started.

2. Moose Math engages kids in a mathematical adventure and teaches counting, addition, subtraction, sorting, geometry and more. While playing 5 multi-level activities in the Moose Juice Store, Puck’s Pet Shop and Lost & Found, kids can earn rewards to help build their own city and decorate buildings.

3. In NumberRun, Baron von Count has stolen the 4 Mathemagical crystals of the land. Chase him down and bring him to justice or humanity will be forced to count on their fingers forever! Number Run is great practice for boys & girls learning math and adults who just want to stay sharp.

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