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Starting a business or being a freelancer can be hard work. You need to have an almost unfathomable work ethic and a willingness to learn and upskill as much as you can to have a chance of building a profitable business. However, many successful freelancers make an incredible amount of money while enjoying a great work-life balance after spending the initial year or two working hard to build an excellent reputation.

Being a freelancer allows you to work on your terms, be your own boss, and answer to no one. In addition, people who freelance feel a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment as they get to do what they enjoy doing while getting paid for it.

Here are three successful freelancers to follow and learn from.

Alex Fasulo – freelance writer on Fiverr

Alexander Fasulo is a 28-year-old freelance writer who sells her services on Fiverr. Last year, she made the news for her highest month of earnings on the Fiverr platform in her six-year career – $36,000. In 2020, she also made her highest yearly earnings to date of $378,000.

For those who don’t know, Fiverr is a free-to-join freelance platform where anyone can have an account and create a ‘gig’ based on their particular skill set for potential clients to find and request for services. These services start from as low as $5, hence the name Fiverr.

When Alex first started on the platform in January 2015, she had only created one gig for writing a blog post for $5 each, and she received about ten orders a month. At that time, she had a full-time job in public relations. Therefore, she wasn’t too concerned about trying to scale and grow on Fiverr.

In December, she decided to quit her full-time job. She realized going to work negatively affected her mental health, and she needed to get away. Without a job, Alex decided to focus her attention on Fiverr and created two more gigs for writing press releases and web content.

These new gigs helped grow her monthly earnings from $2000 to almost $4000 in 2016. Fast-forward to 2019, Fasulo joined Fiverr’s premium services called Fiverr Pro, where she raised her prices to over $100 per gig. Now, she has several more lucrative gigs on her account, like offering to write a 10k word eBook for $1000.

Alex has spent close to 7 years on Fiverr and plans to move away from the platform in the future to work with clients on a personal basis to avoid the platform’s 20 percent cut it takes from each order a freelancer completes.

Alex Cattoni – Founder of The Copy Posse, a highly successful marketing agency 

I wonder if changing your name to Alex sets you up for success by default…

Alex Cattoni is the second freelance success story we will share today, and, honestly, her life is like a movie.

Alex graduated from university with a business degree and a plan to become a high-power, high-paid corporate lawyer. However, even though she had been planning for this moment her whole life, deep inside, she had a feeling being a lawyer wouldn’t make her happy.

After doing some research (while moving into her parents’ basement and waiting tables for a job), she found a start-up called Mindvalley in Malaysia that offered an internship for online marketing and copywriting back in 2008.

It was a job she never even knew existed at the time. After getting accepted, she quit her job, sold her car, and packed up to move across the world from Canada to Malaysia for an internship.

She got the job when she was 23 years old. By 25, she became the creative director for the multi-million-dollar company. Then, however, she started getting that nagging feeling of wanting to do something more than just a job. So, having learned a lot from her role in the company, she decided to quit that job and head back home to Canada to start from scratch again.

When she started her own freelancing business, she managed to grow to $300,000 a year in a few years. Since then, she has expanded her empire and now sells an online 8-week workshop course where she takes enrolled students through a series of live training and imparts the wisdom she has collected in the last decade to everyone in the class. She also invites alumni students to share tips and update new students on how they found success after finishing the Copy Posse course.

Alex also has a YouTube channel with 100,000 subscribers where she shares tips and tricks for aspiring freelancers in the copywriting space.

Preston Lee – Founder of Millo.co, a site for helping freelancers become successful

The last, but definitely not the least, freelance success story that we’ll go through is that of Preston Lee.

Preston Lee is the founder of Millo.co, a site dedicated to helping improve the lives and businesses of freelancers. They have a blog, podcast, free mastermind group, and newsletter for anyone to gain knowledge, upskill and be better prepared to become a successful freelancer. His company also runs an initiative called SolidGigs to help freelancers find new jobs to ensure they have a constant flow of income.

Preston first started a small blog under a pseudonym while he was a student in college. Although he got a job after graduating, he kept working on his blog to grow his business. He ended up changing the blog to Millo.co and started earning revenue from it.

While working at a small tech startup, he and over half the staff were laid off due to poor management. It put Preston in a position where he had to choose between building his blog or spending time looking for another job. Lucky for him, he chose the former.

He now runs Millo.co full-time and couldn’t be happier enjoying the flexibility he has by setting his work hours to ensure he has an excellent work-life balance.

Some advice he has for budding entrepreneurs and freelancers are:

– Work on your passion/side hustle every day. It doesn’t have to be big things; small actions add up over time and are much easier to stick to.

– Set calendar reminders for all your task so that you never forget them.

– Review your finances weekly to ensure you have enough money to invest in the business and make enough money to sustain the business. If not, it can be classified as an expensive hobby, not a legitimate business.


The great thing about freelancing is that it isn’t limited to a particular skill set. Almost anyone can become a freelancer if they have a specific set of skills that a business needs.

Alex Fasulo is a successful content writer on Fiverr. Alex Cattoni is a successful marketer with her own personal clients and students. Finally, Preston Lee helps others become successful freelancers in their fields.

Find your skillset, follow the above-mentioned successful freelancers, and get inspired to go out and achieve your success.

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