6 eLearning Tips From Old Saint Nick

It’s the holiday season, and most offices are wrapping up business to enjoy the Christmas break. However, there is one place where the gears are now turning faster than any other time of the year: Santa’s workshop in the North Pole. Whether you believe in him or not, there’s no denying that his entrepreneurial spirit is unmatched. He not only builds millions of toys and delivers them in one night, but he also manages a huge and diverse staff. But what makes old Saint Nick such a successful businessman? Let’s look at 6 eLearning tips we picked up from Santa that you can apply to your eLearning business.

eLearning Tips For The New Year

1. Build A Good Reputation

Business people need to work very hard to build a good reputation and maintain it, and Santa is no exception. He has been working tirelessly for hundreds of years to establish himself as the most reliable source of gifts for good children. Likewise, you need to find what your business offers to its clients and establish your core mission and values. This way, you can build a brand identity that stands up for what is right. One that clients like, trust, and will recommend to others.

2. Value Teamwork

If there is one eLearning tip you pick from Santa Claus, that is that teamwork is crucial. Even though Father Christmas is the star of the show, we all know that his hardworking team of toy-building elves and flying reindeers is what is making it all possible. Therefore, stop trying to be a one-person show. Take a page out of Santa’s book and surround yourself with a talented team that believes in your vision and always has your back.

3. Honor Diversity

Santa Claus is definitely a very agreeable manager with an eye for innovation. Let’s not forget that instead of turning Rudolph and his bright red nose away, he welcomed him to the team and found a way to put his unique ability to good use. Following this tip for your eLearning business will help you create a diverse team with exceptional skills that brings a fresh and innovative outlook to the table.

4. Honor Deadlines

We can easily say that Santa has the most time-sensitive job in the world. Delivering millions of toys all over the world in just one night? Talk about deadline pressure. However, he hasn’t even let a pandemic delay his distribution of gifts. Of course, you don’t have magic creatures coming to your aid, but you can still identify any issues that cause delays in your business and mitigate them. Respecting deadlines is an eLearning tip that will help you create a better relationship with your clients and therefore a better reputation.

5. Be A Good Listener

There is another thing that makes Santa very successful. When children write their letters to him or sit on his lap at the mall, he always listens carefully to what they say and delivers the exact gifts they ask for. Just like Santa, you must also be a great listener to keep your clients happy and your eLearning business successful. When their requests are heard, they feel more appreciated and are more likely to do business with you. The same goes for your team. You must always lend an ear to their problems and concerns to keep them motivated and engaged in their work.

6. Have A Jolly Personality

Last but not least, an eLearning business tip we have picked up from Santa is to always have a positive attitude. Besides, it is his main trait as we have all realized by his constant ho-ho-ho-ing. Businesses with optimistic leaders are more successful, as employees feel happier to come into an open and joyous work environment. In addition, your enthusiasm and passion for what you do can rub off on them. As a result, they are more motivated to work hard and bring better results.


Christmas is a time for relaxing, spending time with your family, and taking your mind off work. However, it also makes for a great chance to self-reflect and decide if there is anything you can change to make the next year more productive for your eLearning business. This is why we took the time to explain a few characteristics of Santa’s business strategy. Hopefully, the eLearning tips we gathered will help your business resemble Saint Nick’s booming workshop and become more successful in the coming year.

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