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Offering an excellent compromise between price, performance and reliability, the Ansmann MaxE AA 2500 deliver a punch and can be used up to 1000 times before having to be replaced. For demanding use, where you need longevity, these batteries are a great choice.


  • Long-lasting charge
  • High number of charge cycles
  • High capacity in tests


  • A little expensive


  • UKRRP: £15.95

Key Features

  • TypeThese are NiMH rechargeable batteries

  • CyclesThese batteries can be recharged up to 1000 times


The Ansmann MaxE range is designed to be long-lasting, with plenty of power – something that the Ansmann MaxE AA 2500 live up to.

Delivering some of the best capacity results I’ve seen, a large life cycle and charge longevity, these are a great set of batteries.

Ansmann MaxE AA 2500 one battery lying downImage Credit (Trusted Reviews)

Design and Charges

  • Can be charged up to 1000 times
  • Retains 80% charge after 12 months

Although the Ansmann MaxE AA 2500 name suggests a 2500mAh capacity, the box and batteries clearly also state that the minimum capacity is 2400mAh. It’s a touch confusing, but the important thing to note is that these batteries are relatively high capacity, as my performance tests (below) demonstrate.

What’s great about these batteries is that they can handle up to 1000 charge cycles (charging and discharging). That’s a generous number, since most standard batteries are rated at closer to 500 cycles. Only the Eneloop AA batteries offer a lot more charge cycles, although they have much lower capacity. 

Ansmann states that the MaxE AA 2500 can hold up to 80% of their charge after 12 months, so they’re capable of being charged and then left to sit in a drawer until you need them. For use in lower-drain devices, such as a clock, these batteries with still last well, since they won’t lose a lot of charge per day through natural attrition.


  • Performs well in my tests
  • Maintains performance well over multiple charges

I used an Ansmann Energy XC3000 battery tester to test the Ansmann MaxE AA 2500. First, I measured their voltage, which for NiMH batteries should be at least 1.2V. I found that these batteries were 1.29V when fully charged.

Next, I measured capacity with a high-drain load of 600mA (+/-20%). Initially, I saw a capacity result of 2646mAh, which is both above the minimum, and the “2500” in the name.

Next, I cycled the batteries 50 times, taking a capacity reading every 10 cycles – the results are presented in the graph below. As you can see, the results show a degree of fluctuation, but there’s no sign of the batteries starting to fade. With a lifetime of 1000 cycles, that’s as it should be.

Ansmann MaxE AA 2500 performance graph

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Should you buy it?

If you want high-capacity batteries that can handle a high number of charge cycles, then these could be for you.

If you want batteries with maximum capacity, there are more powerful ones available. You can also get batteries that maintain a charge for longer.

Final Thoughts

A heady combination of reliability, power and lasting charge, the Ansmann MaxE AA 2500 are a great all-round set of batteries. If you require more power, consider the Ansmann Digital AA HR6 2850mAh, and for those requiring a set of batteries that hold their charge for even longer, the GP ReCyko Pro AA could be a better choice.

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We use an Ansmann Energy XC 3000 to drain batteries, so that we can test capacity in mAh. After the first run, we charge and discharge 50 times, measuring the capacity every ten runs.

We measure the initial voltage of the batteries, checking that the starting voltage is at least 1.2V.

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