Back to School with Google Tools: A Teacher’s Guide – SULS0122

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Ready for “Back to School”?

Back to School with Google Tools: A Teacher's GuideI have put together a guide of Google tips, instructional strategies, templates, and lesson ideas to help you prepare for Back to School with Google Tools!

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There are so many ways that Google tools can help support teaching and learning this school year.

Are you ready?

There’s A LOT of information, resources, videos, podcasts, and more in this EPIC GUIDE!

#BacktoSchool with Google Tools: A Teacher’s Guide

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Back to School with Google Tools: A Teacher’s Guide

Google is constantly changing–a good thing and a bad thing! Let’s take a dive into what you can expect from Google this year and how to set up your classroom for success.

Catch Up on Google Updates

Back to School with Google Tools: A Teacher's Guide

Google has been announcing updates coming to our favorite apps all year. Some have arrived, some have not.

Be sure you are ready by exploring what has changed or soon will be.

  • Updates from Google Blog in June
  • Google Workspace and Other Updates You Need to Know – special podcast episode & blog post
  • Google Classroom Updates Page
  • Google Workspace Updates Page

Organize Google Drive

Out with the old and in with the new. If you haven’t already done some clean-up and organization in Google Drive, now is the time.

13 Tips to Organize Your Google Drive

Read the full blog post here.

Set up Google Classroom for Success

Google Classroom also needs some clean-up and organization before you begin the new school year.

Clean-Up the Old Google Classroom Stuff

I have some step-by-step directions for the clean-up process on this page. Be sure to look at the files connected in Google Drive and what you want to keep from the previous school year.

Setup Your New Google Classroom Classes

Google Classroom gives teachers a lot of flexibility in setting up and organizing their classes.

Think carefully about how you want to organize your assignments. This will save you time and frustration in the long run.

How to Organize Google Classroom Assignments.

I have a ton of Google Classroom tips and step-by-step directions on this page.

And don’t forget about the FREE Google Classroom Cheat Sheets for Teachers and Students!

You may also want to consider setting up a class template and making copies to save time.

We also have a ton of Google Classroom tutorials on our YouTube channel!

Related: 85+ Apps That Integrate with Google Classroom.

Master the Chrome Learning Environment

Google Chrome should be your chosen browser if you use Google tools in your classroom.

Consider Chrome the learning environment for all things Google!

Have you mastered Chrome? Check out these MUST-HAVE Google Chrome skills.

Learn How to Switch Google Accounts in Chrome

Do you have more than one Google account? Then be sure you learn to set up profiles in Google Chrome and learn how to switch back and forth!

Customize Google Chrome with Extensions and Apps

Chrome extensions help you customize the browser for you and your students.

Apps and extensions are found and installed from the Chrome Web Store.

Are you using Google Classroom? Check out 5 Chrome Extensions that Make Google Classroom Even More Awesome!

Mote is one of my favorite extensions!

Are you using Chromebooks with Students? Be sure to learn about Chrome Apps that can save you time and frustration, especially with littles.

Chrome Apps (Chromebook only) are shortcuts to websites and your favorite web tools.

Explore apps and extensions in the Chrome Web Store to find what fits the needs of you and your students.

Embrace Collaboration with Jamboard

Teaching with Jamboard

What is Google Jamboard?

The Jamboard device (hardware) is an interactive whiteboard touchscreen display used for collaboration and bringing ideas together.

Learn more:

Jamboard is also a stand-alone cloud-based application (software) that can be used for collaboration across multiple devices. Students can use this application to collaborate, create presentations, and bring together resources from other Google apps and the web.

Learn more:

Jamboard is quickly becoming one of my favorite Google tools.

It’s engaging, flexible, and a great way to collaborate–that’s the number one feature!

Repeat after me, “Collaboration is the number one feature of Google Jamboard.”

Learn all about this collaborative tool in this podcast episode with Kim Mattina, who has also co-authored a book of the same name!

Here are a couple of Jamboard tips from our YouTube Channel:

Give Students Voice and Choice with Interactive Choice Boards

Are you tired of the same old “All About Me” and “What I Did This Summer” projects? Back to School is the perfect time to try choice boards!

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