Best gin glass 2021: Our favourite gin glasses for classic G&Ts and gin cocktails

Whether they’re crystal, stained glass, or stemless, the best gin glasses are as essential as the gin when looking to stock up your home bar.

There are plenty of styles of gin glass out there but in recent years, there’s been a huge surge in the popularity of Copa de Balon gin glasses, in particular. They look elegant, are widely used at restaurants and bars, and bring out the aromas of any gin-based tipple.

When it comes to investing in gin glasses, it’s not just about how good they look on the table. There are a number of aspects to consider, which we’ve highlighted in our buying guide below. If you’re already clued up on your glassware though, simply scroll on to see our pick of the best gin glasses you can buy right now.

Don’t worry if you’re lacking in gin either, because we’ve also tested the best gins you can buy right now.

How to choose the best gin glass for you

What are the different types of gin glass?

There are a few different styles to choose from and you’ll often find some variations between each type. We’ve highlighted the general features of the most popular styles here.

Copa de Balon: This style is probably the one you picture when you think of a gin glass nowadays. They’re round glasses on long stems and usually have a large capacity – like a bulbous wine glass. When dining out, you’ll often be served your G&T in one of these, because they can be packed full of ice and garnishes.

Highball (or hi ball): With the recent surge in popularity of Copa gin glasses, you might be surprised to learn that historically, Highball glasses were the go-to for gin drinks. They’re the slim, tall ones you probably already have in your cupboards, which makes them ideal for low-key occasions, as well as vintage gin cocktails.

Gin goblets: There are quite a few different iterations of the gin goblet. They all have curved edges, but what makes them different is the stem. Some we’ve seen have stems almost as thick as their bases, while others look like short Copa glasses. They’re incredibly eye-catching and, because they’re short, are great for the clumsier among us. With a goblet, you retain the elegance of a modern Copa glass but minimise the risk of stem snaps.

How much should I spend?

It’s difficult to know how much to spend on gin glasses as there are so many types and prices can vary considerably.

One of the biggest deciders of price is material. The main two to be aware of are crystal glass, which is more expensive, and soda glass, which is more affordable. If you’re looking for a real investment piece, a crystal gin glass might cost you more, but offers greater clarity and a finer cut rim than soda glass. Crystal glasses tend to cost between £10 to £20 per glass, but can go up to £70.

Cheaper soda glasses are ideal for everyday use. You won’t feel so bad if you accidentally break one and they’re more likely to be dishwasher safe. Some cheap styles can cost as little as £1 per glass but on average, you should look to spend between £4 to £10 per glass.

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What features should I look out for?

Dishwasher safe: This is quite an important thing to bear in mind when investing in gin glasses. If you’re partial to a glass with decorative decals or prefer crystal, then it’s likely it’ll be hand-wash only.

If you’re a fan of the dishwasher, it might be wise to steer clear of these glasses. For your average evening in, there’s nothing wrong with a dishwasher-safe glass, and most are nearly as elegant.

Height: This feature is so easy to overlook, but gin glasses can be really tall compared to your average glass, so it’s good to check the height to see if they’ll actually fit in your cupboards.

Capacity: In general, Copa glasses and goblets have a large capacity, which is great if you enjoy a large G&T on the weekend. What’s more, they can be packed with ice and garnishes, which take up quite a bit of extra space. If you prefer a cocktail or smaller serving though, a highball glass is the perfect size.

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The best gin glasses to buy in 2021

1. Argos Home gin glasses: Best budget gin glass

Price: £6 (for six) | Buy now from Argos

Despite their cheap-as-chips price, these Copa de Balon gin glasses from Argos are made from sturdy stuff. They’re dishwasher safe, have a whopping 630ml capacity and, as you get six in a box, they’re perfect for parties on a budget.

While they are thicker – and therefore slightly less elegant – than their pricier counterparts, they still offer that restaurant gin-drinking experience. This thicker glass is also a smart choice if you’re prone to knocking things over.

Key details – Material: Glass; Finish: Smooth, clear; Dishwasher safe: Yes; Capacity: 630ml; Height: 19.8cm; Price per glass: £1

Buy now from Argos

2. LSA International Borough Gin Balloon Glasses: Most elegant crystal gin glass

Price: £40 (for four) | Buy now from John Lewis

These gorgeous gin glasses from LSA international have a classic bulbous shape with a huge capacity, and are supremely comfortable to hold. They’re also made from crystal, so are very fine-cut and wonderfully clear.

The thin stems ooze elegance and make them ideal for special occasions, but this does mean they’re more likely to break if you’re not careful with them. But despite their delicate build, these glasses are still safe to go in the dishwasher, which is a huge bonus.

Key details – Material: Crystal glass; Finish: Smooth, clear; Dishwasher safe: Yes; Capacity: 680ml; Height: 20cm; Price per glass: £10

Buy now from John Lewis

3. Dora Twist Stem Gin Glasses: Best decorative gin glass

Price: £23 (for two) | Go to Source