Best heated rollers 2021: For salon style hair and long-lasting curls

Leaving the salon with freshly styled hair is a sure way to put a spring in your step. But while hairdressers make the process look easy, we’re often left with frizzy barnets and aching arms when attempting to recreate the look at home. Thankfully, the best heated rollers can help you achieve a professional finish with minimal effort at home.

For creating full-bodied curls, lifting limp roots and promoting a healthy shine, heated rollers can deliver longer lasting results than your hair dryer or curling wand alone. Trust us, these cutting-edge rollers are worlds away from the velcro numbers in your granny’s styling drawer.

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How to choose the best heated rollers for you

How do heated rollers work?

Heated rollers have a ceramic-coated core that transfers heat through the surface of the roller to gently and evenly curl the hair. Similar to hair wands, these ceramic cores penetrate the hair from the inside to retain moisture and seal the cuticle. This helps to prevent frizz and give a glossy shine. Meanwhile, the flocked or velcro exterior, along with the crease-free clips, help to grip the hair and secure the roller in place during styling.

Heated rollers need to be left to cool in the hair for at least 15 minutes for the curls to set. But don’t see that as a negative – this just gives you time to get a head start on your makeup. Once the curlers have cooled and been removed, you’ll be left with a voluminous look that is sure to last.

What materials are used?

All heated rollers have a metal ceramic core, but high-ticket options are found including tourmaline or titanium to boost the release of negative ions into the hair. Simply put, these clever ions will hydrate the hair and prevent frizz for a shiny, smooth finish. The rollers’ exteriors are often made from either a velvet flocking, ribbed material or classic velcro. Each has its benefits – although in our experience, velcro doesn’t pair well with frizzy hair textures; it’s harder to remove hair that becomes knotted from velvet flocked rollers.

Which size rollers should I use?

Large rollers are the best of the bunch if you want a salon-quality blow dry at home. These clever rollers help to lift the roots, add volume and smooth out the hair – including fringes and pesky baby hairs – while creating a soft and bouncy curl. Large rollers work best on short-to-medium lengths. Those with long, thick hair should opt for a slimmer roller instead to achieve tight curls that won’t drop out as fast – or brushed out curls for a tousled, beachy look.

How do I use heated rollers?

Adopting the correct technique to get rollers into your hair is more difficult, with each heated roller set coming with its own quirks. But don’t be disheartened: with practice and patience you’ll find a method that works for you and your hair.

For the best results, we advise dividing hair into sections – start with the front of your hair and leave the underneath until last. Wrap small sections of hair, no bigger than three inches, around the roller and secure in place with a clip. Leave the curls to set for at least fifteen minutes and then carefully unravel your hair to release the newly formed curls.

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The best heated rollers to buy

1. Remington H9100 PROluxe heated rollers: Best cheap rollers for long and thick hair

Price: £40 | Buy now from Amazon

The majority of heated roller sets struggle to cope with thick or long hair, mainly because they don’t include a sufficient number of rollers to style a whole head. Luckily, with 20 rollers of two different sizes, the Remington PROluxe kit makes easy work of curling even the thickest and longest of manes. The velvet flocked rollers use an even heat to warm the rollers and the clips, while the ribbed design helps you to keep a firm grip on the tool when wrapping the hair around it. We found that the clips did a great job of achieving a long-lasting curl, but some left a noticeable kink in the hair when used carelessly.

For best results, use the large 32mm rollers on the top sections of the hair to add volume and save the smaller 25mm rollers for the hair underneath to create a tight curl that won’t drop out as fast. After 15 minutes you’ll be left with a mix of loose and tight curls that brush out to leave loose, tousled waves.

Key specs – Maximum temperature: N/A; Heat settings: 1; Rollers: 8 x 25mm and 12 x 32mm; Auto shutoff: No; Storage case: Yes.

Image of Remington H9100 Proluxe Heated Rollers - Rose Gold

£39.99 Buy now amazon_logo.svg amazon-prime-logo.png

2. BaByliss Boutique Salon Ceramic Rollers: Best for short hair

Price: £50 | Buy now from Feel Unique

BaByliss has been synonymous with affordable hair styling since its launch in 1961 – and, naturally, the Boutique Salon Ceramic heated rollers don’t disappoint. Creating symmetrical curls, each roller uses a dual-source heating system that transfers an even heat to the hair for a full-bodied look with plenty of movement. You’ll find 12 32mm heated rollers included in the set, which is a good number to style fine-to-medium hair (thicker textures may benefit from a set with more rollers). Unlike most cheap roller sets, the soft-touch flocking feels gentle on the hair and the clips don’t leave a crease after styling.

Our only bugbear? A few people complained that the heated rollers felt uncomfortably hot on their scalp when securing the tool near the roots of their hair. To combat this, once the heated rollers’ indicator light flashes, we’d advise leaving the rollers to cool for a few minutes in their storage case before handling. Trust us, your fingers, scalp and hair will thank you for it!

Key specs – Maximum temperature: N/A; Heat settings: 1; Rollers: 12 x 32mm; Auto shutoff: No; Storage case: Yes.

Image of BaByliss Boutique Ceramic Rollers

£39.99 Buy now amazon_logo.svg

3. T3 Volumising Ho

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