Best Phone Deals: Save on Google Pixel 6, Galaxy S22 Ultra

Picking out the best smartphones isn’t always a cheap endeavor but with the following smartphone deals going on right now, you can save big while still enjoying some of the best names in phone hardware out there at the moment. We’ve gathered below all the best phone deals available right now that cover all the bases including Google Pixel deals, Samsung Galaxy deals, iPhone deals, 5G phone deals, and other bargains. There are some great offers going on so there’s sure to be something here to entice you into a new purchase. Read on while we take you through what makes them so appealing.

Google Pixel 6

Free on Verizon with a 5G Unlimited Plan, was $699

Why Buy:

  • Great camera
  • Colorful screen
  • Android 12 software
  • Extensive support

The Google Pixel 6 offers plenty to love even if it’s not quite as stylish as the Pixel 6 Pro. Perhaps the biggest selling point is thanks to it being a Google device, it works fantastically well with Android 12 because, in the same way that Apple knows how to get the best from its hardware, Google knows how to get the best from Android. It’s also guaranteed support for a long time to come so you’ll be safe in the knowledge that this is a good option to last you a while to come.

The phone offers a 6.4-inch display that looks fantastic. It has a 20:9 aspect ratio with a 2,400 x 1,080 pixel resolution plus a 90Hz refresh rate. An always-on display, it looks vibrant and delightful at all times. Scrolling is smooth and pleasant with watching videos looking great at all times. Whether you’re scrolling through your web browser or streaming your favorite content, it looks good here. Built into the display is a fingerprint sensor too which is a nice feature and highly accurate.

Elsewhere, the Google Pixel 6 also offers up a great set of camera lenses. It has a main 50MP f/1.85 aperture camera along with a 12MP wide-angle camera with a 114-degree field of view. It also has a fixed-focused 8MP selfie camera. In each case, photos look pretty good as helped by the Google Pixel 6’s extensive set of software tools. Its Magic Eraser tool is a particular highlight for cutting out unwanted details with Long Exposure modes and Action Pan also available. Combined with speedy performance, decent battery life of a couple of days, and an attractive look, the Google Pixel 6 is a delight of a phone to use.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

$100 with trade-in and $100 Instant Credit, was $1,200

Andy Boxall/ DigitalTrends

Why Buy:

  • Beautiful screen
  • Fantastic performance
  • Versatile camera
  • S Pen built-in

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is potentially the ultimate smartphone right now. It looks as high-end as it feels. A sizeable device, it has a gorgeous 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED screen that offers a refresh rate of up to 120Hz and a maximum resolution of 3,088 x 1,440. It also supports HDR10+ and has a peak brightness of 1,750 nits. That means it looks great, even in direct sunlight, so you’re guaranteed of a great experience when streaming content on the move. Such great design continues elsewhere, too, with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra including an S Pen stylus inside a special storage slot on the bottom of the phone. This means you can easily use it to be more precise on screen rather than resorting to your fingers, and it’s tucked away nicely so you don’t have to worry about it falling out often.

Camera-wise, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra continues its exceptional reign. It has plenty of options. These include its 108MP main wide camera, two 10MP telephoto lens, a 12MP ultrawide with a 120-degree field of view. The highlight is its 100x Space Zoom that makes it possible to photograph the moon impressively with some careful tweaking and the use of a tripod to perfect things. Samsung also offers some great software tools to ensure you always get the best from your camera choices.

Elsewhere, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is speedy, running Android 12 with style alongside Samsung’s own Android interface software. Capable of playing games fast or simply allowing you to multitask well, it’s an ideal accompaniment to all the aspects of your life. With a couple of days of battery and fast charging an option, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra soon becomes the ultimate phone for any power user.

Samsung Galaxy S21

$225 with trade-in and $100 Instant Credit, was $675

Why Buy:

  • Colorful hardware
  • Great display
  • Reliable performance
  • Good fingerprint sensor

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is a reliable phone that offers plenty of great features, even if it’s no longer the latest Samsung Galaxy phone. With plenty of colors to choose from, it feels good in your hands despite its plastic back. A full HD+ 6.2-inch display looks pretty good thanks to its 120Hz refresh rate that means scrolling through content is super smooth. Strong brightness levels and fantastic colors certainly help out here while an in-display fingerprint sensor saves some effort.

Ease of use is the focus with the Samsung Galaxy S21 as it simply works well. It comes with Android 11 and Samsung’s One UI software which needs a bit of customization to get just right but mostly feels quite enjoyable to use. Performance is speedy, too, thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 powering proceedings and ensuring that whether you’re gaming or multitasking for work purposes, the Samsung Galaxy S21 can keep up with no problems at all. It will easily play the latest games and 5G support helps in ensuring you can do this while out and about, or commuting.

Camera-wise, you get a 64MP main camera along with 12MP ultrawide and zoom cameras. It takes fairly impressive photos as you would expect from Samsung with great colors and clarity. Some neat software tweaks and processing changes means that photos are punchy and bright without being excessive. It’s also capable of recording 8K at 24 frames per seconds although it’s more comfortable with 4K video recording instead. The key here is that the Samsung Galaxy S21 is versatile. While it’s not exactly the most exciting of phones at this stage, it can do a lot and it does it well. With reliable performance, steady battery life, and a gorgeous screen, you know you can depend on this phone to last.

Apple iPhone 11 (Refurbished)

$390, was $699

Why Buy:

  • Still powerful processor
  • Excellent cameras
  • iOS works fast
  • Day-long battery

The Apple iPhone 11 might seem a little dated by now but it’s still speedy enough and more than respectable in other areas to ensure it’s worth your time and money. It uses the A13 Bionic chip with Neural Engine which means that performance remains pretty speedy. That’s helped by the fact that iOS is designed with such processors in mind so it’s able to team up well to ensure that very little feels sluggish. Even when it comes to the latest games, you’ll see decent performance here.

Such reliable hardware continues elsewhere with the iPhone 11 offering a great set of cameras. It has a 12MP Ultra Wide as well as 12MP Wide camera lenses with night mode, portrait mode, and 4K video up to 60 frames per second meaning you’re capable of taking good quality pictures in numerous different situations. A 12MP TrueDepth front camera also makes selfies a breeze with a Portrait Mode ensuring you look at your best, along with 4K video and slo-mo modes as well. That also means that Face ID works brilliantly for those times you want to log in on your phone without typing in your passcode.

Elsewhere, the iPhone 11’s 6.1-inch screen looks great with vibrant colors and a visual experience that means you won’t miss a high refresh rate too much. It feels good in your hands so you’ll always feel like you have an expensive phone in your possession. With a battery life of about a day, the iPhone 11 could be a little sharper on this front but since most of us recharge each day anyhow, it’s likely no big deal. Wireless charging certainly simplifies the process so you’ll appreciate how convenient it all is. Reliable and fun to use, the iPhone 11 is a great option, particularly if you already have other Apple devices.

Apple iPhone 12 (Refurbished)

$559, was $829

Youssef Sarhan/Unsplash

Why Buy:

  • Great camera performance
  • Speedy use
  • Looks good
  • 5G support

The Apple iPhone 12 was formerly the best iPhone for most people and while it’s no longer the newest, it’s still pretty great. It has a frame made from aluminum which means it’s a cut above those with plasticky exteriors. A matte finish means it feels good in your hands, even if it’s a fingerprint magnet. Such good looks continue with

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