Best wood preserver 2021: The best wood treatments to protect sheds, floors and furniture

Exterior wood has a lot to put up with. The best wood preserver can dramatically limit the damage done by rain, frost, moss and UV rays, which can all wreak havoc with untreated wood.

Wood preserver helps to bring out the wood’s natural beauty as well as protecting it. But its main job is to sink deep into the surface of sawn or sanded wood to form a protective shield and vastly enhance its lifespan.

And let’s not forget indoors. A newly sanded floor is a stain magnet, and there may even be woodworm lurking in them there floorboards. Varnish, wax or paint alone aren’t enough to protect the wood, so you need to treat it with a preserver first.

In a moment we’ll reveal the best wood preserver you can buy for different jobs, indoors and out. But first, we’ll explain how to choose the right product for protecting the wood in your home and garden.


2. Osmo Wood Protector (clear): The best wood preserver for all indoor jobs

Price: £57 for 2.5l |

3. Cuprinol Ducksback 5 Year (coloured): The best one-stop wood preserver for sheds and fences

Price: From £25 for 5l |