Calcvier- A Smart Keyboard Calculator for Students

 Educatorstechnology   Sunday, September 05, 2021   iPad Math apps  
Calcvier is a smart number pad that can be easily integrated into your mobile device keyboard allowing you to perform complex mathematical calculations while chatting with your friends. ‘No need to switch between apps or use some widget, no need to copy and paste results!’ Calcvier is on sale today. It is free and only for a limited period of time. You may want to try it out and share with us your feedback.

When you install Calcvier on your device, it automatically turns its keyboard into a calculator. What is more,  Calcvier also works perfectly with other apps such as Notes, Mail, Safari, Messages, and more. 

Here is to enable Calcvier on your device:
2) Go to General > Keyboard > Keyboards
3) Tap Add New Keyboard…
I learned about this app from Apps Gone Free.

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