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A great all-round mattress, the Emma Original Mattress is comfortable, deals with heat well and is very well priced. It’s hard to beat this mattress for convenience, either, as the cover can be easily removed for washing. Those that prefer a slightly more luxurious feel may want a firmer, hybrid mattress, but for everyone else, this is a great choice that will suit most people.


  • Washable cover
  • Handles make it easy to move
  • Supportive
  • Great heat dissipation


  • Sinks quite a bit while sitting up


  • UKRRP: £751
  • USARRP: $648
  • EuropeRRP: €799

Key Features

  • TrialYou can trial this mattress for 200 nights, returning it if you don’t like it.

  • WashableThe cover is removable, so can be washed to keep it clean.

  • HeatThis mattress does a good job of dissipating heat.


One of the first memory foam bed-in-a-box products, the Emma Mattress remains one of the best for price, comfort and features. A medium-firm mattress, this model still delivered great levels of support in my tests and dealt with heat well, while its removable cover makes it easy to keep clean.

Sizes and trial period

  • Long trial period
  • Available in all common sizes

Emma offers one of the best trial periods, giving a 200-night return period. Given that’s just under two-thirds of a year, it’s more than enough time to work out if you’re happy with the mattress or not. This trial period matches that of the Simba Hybrid Pro.

Emma sells its Original mattress in all of the common sizes: single, EU single, small double, double, EU double, queen, king and super-king. The only size that’s not available is small single, which is typically used for children’s beds.

Design and layers

  • Washable cover, top and bottom
  • Three layers of foam
  • Comes vacuum packed

As is common for mattresses, the Emma Original comes vacuum packed in a box. Emma provides a razer tool in the box, which you can safely use to slice open the plastic cover without catching the mattress.

Emma Original Mattress welcome boxImage Credit (Trusted Reviews)

Once open, the mattress needs up to six hours to fully expand. When I first unboxed it, the mattress was an odd shape. Each part expanded at a different rate, so mine did need the full six hours to take on the correct shape.

One of the best things about the Emma Original is that the cover is removable. There’s a zip that undoes, leaving the top section of the cover free for removal. I think that’s a brilliant design, as the bottom part of the cover and the foam layers stay where they are.

Emma Original Mattress zip off coverImage Credit (Trusted Reviews)

The bottom section of the cover can be removed and washed, although that’s fiddlier to deal with, as the foam sections need to be removed; it’s easier to flip the mattress over and do it that way. However, given as most mess will come into the top layer, you shouldn’t need to wash the bottom part of the cover as often.

The top cover is soft to the touch is Emma’s UltraDry: it’s designed to be breathable and moisture-wicking, removing sweat from your body. 

Emma Original Mattress sleep coverImage Credit (Trusted Reviews)

Internally, there are three foam layers. The top layer is Airogell, which is designed to regular temperature by absorbing and evaporating sweat. Next comes the memory foam layer, designed to adapt to your body and offer support. Finally, there’s the HRX Supreme Foam, which provides the mattress with stability and support.

Due to the design of the layers and covers, the Emma Original shouldn’t be flipped but should be rotated: once per month for the first six months and then once every three months after that. This is made easier by the handles on the side.

Emma Original Mattress handleImage Credit (Trusted Reviews)

Comfort and support

  • Medium-firm, but supportive
  • Insulated movement well
  • Deals with temperature well

Emma describes the Original as medium-firm, and my tests would agree with that. I started by measuring how far the mattress dipped when I was in different positions. First, I measured the mattress when I was sitting up, and I sank 6cm into it. That’s a little further than on the Simba Hybrid Pro, but the Emma Original still felt supportive.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, I measured the drop at 6cm. That’s pretty good support, and I didn’t feel as though I was going to fall out of the bed at any point.

Emma Original Mattress sittingImage Credit (Trusted Reviews)

Next, I tested the mattress while in different sleeping positions. Lying on my side, I measured the drop at 4cm at my hips and the same at my shoulders. The mattress felt comfortable yet supportive.

Emma Original Mattress side sleepingImage Credit (Trusted Reviews)

It was a similar experience lying on my back: a drop of 3.5cm at the shoulders and 2.5cm at my hips. Again, the mattress provided a good deal of support yet was soft and inviting to lie on. On my front, I measured a drop of just 2cm on my chest.

Overall, the Emma Original feels soft and inviting to lie on, gently letting me sink into it while providing enough support that I didn’t get uncomfortable during the night.

To see how the mattress does when there are two people in the bed, I used an accelerometer, placed where the second sleeper would be. This measures movement. First, I measured movement with me getting into bed. As you can see from the graph below, where the less spiky the graph bars are the better, the Emma Original doesn’t transfer much motion from one side of the bed to another.

Emma Original movement_ Getting into bedImage Credit (Trusted Reviews)

It was the same story, when I measured movement with me turning over in bed. That’s good to see, as two people can sleep comfortably together on this bed, even if one is quite restless.

Emma Original movement_ turning over in bedImage Credit (Trusted Reviews)


  • Helps dissipate heat
  • Not too warm to sleep in

If there’s one complaint about mattresses, it’s that they retain heat. To see how the Emma Original compares, I first lay on the bed on my back for 10 minutes. I then used a thermal camera to see how well heat dissipated over the next few minutes. After two minutes, my outline had started to fade; after three minutes, my outline is close to the ambient temperature of the mattress. This is a good result, and shows that the Emma Original is capable of removing heat better than a lot of the competition, such as the Hyde & Sleep Raspberry.

Emma Original temperature initiallyImage Credit (Trusted Reviews)
Emma Original temperature after 2mImage Credit (Trusted Reviews)
Emma Original temperature after 3mImage Credit (Trusted Reviews)

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If you want a well-priced mattress with good heat dissipation and a washable cover, this one is great value.

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