Fortnite challenge guide: Raid an artifact from Stealthy Stronghold and Coral Castle

The latest Fortnite challenges are live, this time for season 6, week 12. This new set of challenges is a little more in-depth than previous weeks, and one in particular requires you to visit specific locations to find collectibles. The one in question is for raiding an artifact from Stealthy Stronghold and from Coral Castle. In essence, this quest sends you to each location to interact with one item from each, known as an artifact.

To complete this challenge, all you need to do is find one artifact from each area — one from Stealthy Stronghold and one from Coral Castle. In total, there are four artifacts across each area. In this guide, we’ll break down the locations of each artifact across both areas, along with tips on how to complete this challenge. Here’s how to raid an artifact from Stealthy Stronghold and Coral Castle in Fortnite.

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Stealthy Stronghold artifacts

Above is the full map of all four artifacts in this location (thanks to These artifacts look like statues and resemble a colorful bird.

First artifact

Remember, you only need to find one artifact from each area, but let’s get into the locations of all of them, so you’re aware. First, there’s one located on the western side in the center, on the bottom floor of one of the ruins. It spawns by a chest.

Second artifact

Next, head east of the previous location on the ground level of a ruin, next to a tree.

Third artifact

If you head north from there, you’ll find the next one, yet again inside the ruins.

Fourth artifact

And the final one in this area is just north of the previous, on the eastern side of Stealthy Stronghold.

Coral Castle artifacts

As for Coral Castle, we recommend using the map above to find the artifacts in this location (again, thanks to These artifacts are similar to statues and resemble a frog.

First artifact

The first one is on the south side of Coral Castle, on the western side of the structure. It’s on the ground level next to a pillar.

Second artifact

The next one is north in the center structure underwater. It’s also found by a pillar.

Third artifact

If you head north of that, you’ll find the next one underneath an arched structure. It’s underwater, too.

Fourth artifact

And the final one in this area is to the east on a sandy hill.

Once you’ve found one artifact from Coral Castle and one from Stealthy Stronghold, you’ll complete the challenge and earn 24,000 XP for doing so.

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