Fortnite season 8 punchcards: A list of this season’s quests

With the launch of Fortnite chapter 2, season 8, a new challenge system has been implemented. Gone are the traditional challenges that simply appear automatically each week. Instead, season 8 introduces punchcards, with numerous objectives given to you by the game’s vibrant cast of characters. While the fundamental way challenges work hasn’t been altered too much, your objectives are certainly presented differently this time around.

It appears new characters will be added each week who will present questlines for you to complete, replacing the old challenge system.

In this guide, we’ll show you how the new punchcards work, along with a list of the new challenges for each character. Here are the new Fortnite season 8 punchcards.

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What are punchcards?

Instead of a new list of challenges that appear automatically each week, you now need to visit specific characters to gain access to the latest objectives. These characters present their challenges in the form of punchcards, featuring five objectives that range in difficulty (and scale to give you more XP for each subsequent quest). For example, the starting quest is always worth 12K XP, while the fifth one gives you 20K XP.

To trigger a questline, you need to manually visit each character on the map. Within the punchcard menu, you can navigate to a specific character to select them, and their location will appear on the map. Then, within a real match, you can find them and talk to them to initiate the questline. You can then track the quest within the punchcard menu.

Completing character quests earns you progress toward your daily and weekly punchcards. For instance, one of the early daily challenges is for completing three of Madcap’s quests. The weekly challenges are a bit tougher, such as placing in the top 10 alongside your friends in five different matches. We expect the quests to evolve and expand over time, just like the challenges from previous seasons. Within the game, it says “more punchcards coming soon,” and the rollout has been weekly thus far.

List of punchcards

Toona Fish

Hue-ge Discovery Questline

  • Visit three different named locations
  • Dance within 10m of an IO guard
  • Visit the Aftermath
  • Pop the tires on five vehicles
  • Buy an item from a character


Mushroom Master Questline

  • Destroy a farming tractor
  • Forage two mushrooms
  • Craft a weapon
  • Destroy two refrigerators
  • Consume an apple and a banana


IO Heist Questline

  • Collect an assault rifle and a grenade
  • Reach max shields (1)
  • Visit an IO Outpost or the IO Convoy
  • Eliminate IO guards (2)
  • Search a chest in an IO Outpost or in the IO Convoy

J.B. Chimpanski

War Effort Questline

  • Make a donation to the war effort donation box
  • Deliver a car to the Weather Station
  • Harvest 100 metal from an alien crash site
  • Talk to three characters
  • Interact with a mounted turret


Vampire Combat Questline

  • Ring a doorbell until it breaks
  • Damage an opponent within 30 seconds of landing
  • Deal 75 pistol damage from above
  • Get an elimination with a pistol, SMG, or shotgun in the Sideways
  • Finish a downed enemy with Harvesting Tool

Scuba Jonesy

Surf Turf Questline

  • Swim at both Lake Canoe and Lazy Lake
  • Submerge a driven vehicle into a large body of water
  • Throw a fish back in the water
  • Hunt one wildlife
  • Consume a fish and a meat in a single match


Sniper Elite Questline

  • Collect a sniper rifle
  • Deal 150 damage with an assault rifle or sniper rifle
  • Get two headshots with an assault rifle or sniper rifle
  • Deal damage within 30 seconds of hiding in a haystack, dumpster, or a Flusher
  • Emote on top of a mountain


Making Friends Questline

  • Collect nuts and bolts
  • Craft an item
  • Upgrade a weapon at a weapon bench
  • Honk a vehicle’s horn within 10m of an opponent
  • Survive three storm phases

Fabio Sparklemane

Party Locale Questline

  • Use a zipline
  • Destroy five pieces of furniture at Apres Ski
  • Dance at two different alien crash sites
  • Dance for two seconds after damaging an opponent
  • Dance for five seconds while in the Sideways

Dark Jonesy

Spooky Story Questline

  • Collect a shotgun and shells at Steamy Stacks
  • Stoke a campfire
  • Crouch within 10 meters of an opponent for two seconds
  • Cause 150 headshot damage on monsters in the Sideways
  • Defeat two waves of Cube Monsters in the Sideways anomaly

The Brat

Hot Dog Questline

  • Open a cash register
  • Destroy three couches or beds
  • Complete a quest from another character
  • Purchase a weapon of Rare rarity or higher from a character or Weapon-O-Matic
  • Damage opponents with weapons of Rare rarity or higher


Build Passion Questline

  • Destroy five opponent structures
  • Build five structures at Craggy Cliffs
  • Harvest metal from both Weeping Woods and Steamy Stacks
  • Hit four weak points while harvesting
  • Emote within 10m of an ally-built structure


 Stunt Training Questline

  • Refuel a vehicle with gas
  • Travel 500 distance while in a vehicle
  • Destroy mailboxes with a vehicle
  • Get two seconds of air time with a vehicle
  • Interact with an overturned car to flip it right side up


Monster Research Questline

  • Enter the Sideways
  • Collect a Sideways weapon
  • Deal 100 damage to players with a Sideways weapon
  • Eliminate 10 cube monsters in the Sideways
  • Complete a Sideways encounter

Baba Yaga

New Brew Questline

  • Mark a Medkit, a Bandage, and a Small Shield Potion
  • Use any of the services of a Mending Machine
  • Consume foraged items
  • Restore health with fish
  • Use a Bandage or a Medkit in the Sideways

Grim Fable

Wolf Activity Questline

  • Hide in a haystack at Corny Crops (1)
  • Destroy beds in Holly Hedges or Pleasant Park (3)
  • Collect a harpoon gun (1)
  • Hunt a wolf (1)
  • Emote within 10m of wildlife (1)

Big Mouth

Toothache Questline

  • Open chests in Steel Farm (2)
  • Search an ice machine (1)
  • Open ammo boxes at Dirty Docks (2)
  • Buy a health item from a mending machine (1)
  • Search a supply drop (1)

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