Go Out of Your Way to Fail – Here’s Why

It might seem counterintuitive to try to fail but when you break it down, it makes a lot of sense. Often, when we try something for the first time, we don’t get it right. However, we’re pushing past our comfort zone and great things can happen from that. Failing will lead to learning something. When you get out of a hard situation, you’ll see that it didn’t break you and ultimately, you’ll be stronger for it. 

When you actively seek out rejection, you learn, adapt, and get closer to what you want. Entrepreneurs should be innovative. They can find different ways to succeed. When they fail, this becomes a necessary part of being successful. Failure can be worth striving for because you learn so much from it and this can bring you success if you let it fuel you.

So, maybe failure’s “teachable moments” are worth striving for because they help you attain that innovation. To properly go about failing for the greater good, we’ve put together the following steps:

Seek Out Rejection

When you get rejected, you can redirect your actions. We are a brain-oriented species and when we have missed our target, the brain naturally pivots to find the successful way. So, all you really have to do is get it wrong to be one step close to getting it right. You are going to learn something and make a change for the future. 

Cognitive scientists have studied the way humans think. Our brains look to reduce anything complicated and instead want to turn it into something familiar and simple. It is helpful for many day-to-day things but it doesn’t allow you to be innovative. Failure helps the brain to experiment and think outside of the box. 

Let Failure Be a Teacher

To be successful, you need to execute. Whatever you do as an entrepreneur, there is a chance for rejection or failure. Whether you produce a product that nobody wants or get denied for a business loan, you can still take benefits away from it. A big benefit is that you’ll feel afraid to be rejected but you’ll go forward anyway. Even if you don’t get what you were hoping for, you’ll still have learned something and you’ll be stronger for it. No matter how much you fail, keep going. Change things up, improve your skills and knowledge. Sure, nobody likes rejection or failure but if you can make friends with it, you’ll find that they’re more of a teacher than anything else. 

Failure Allows You To Adopt a Growth Mindset 

A growth mindset for an entrepreneur is hugely important. It requires that you recognize you can always improve when you push yourself beyond what you thought you could accomplish. You adapt to situations and make them work for you. Your perception changes and you’ll see that you’re limitless. To use rejection as a tool for your success, perception needs to change. Experimentation is essential and with it comes the risk of failure.

If you’re not willing to adapt, you’ll be stuck in a rut. You may be a little bit successful but if you’re afraid to move forward for fear of failure, you’ll never be highly successful. 

You Build Up a Resiliency

You will learn to be more resilient. Even if a company tells you “no”, you can go back to them and let them know you’ve solved problems. Eventually, you’ll close the deal or you’ll learn a lot in the process. Many times, things that are worth having aren’t so easy to get. So you have to pick yourself up and not take it personally. Keep trying, be persistent even when you’ve failed over and over. 

When you get rejected, you’re building up your mental strength and resilience. You push through those uncomfortable places and deal with stress like a champion. Meetings, where you have to pitch your company, will become easier. You’ll be more confident and more aware of what people need to hear to believe in your business. 

There is a lot of competition in the world. You have to have a genuine character that doesn’t give up. Failing gives you those real experiences to make you a more robust entrepreneur. You learn a lot and begin to see what works and what doesn’t. There are a lot of business changes all the time so even if your idea is superb, it may not be relevant any longer. Whatever the reasons are for failure, you can learn from it and figure out how to better succeed. Your character builds and you feel limitless. Failure can be hard at first but if you keep trying, adapting, and evolving, it will lead to success and you’ll thank the failures.

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