Honor CEO: New Magic lineup will surpass Huawei Mate and P series

George Zhao, CEO of Honor, had a lengthy interview with a local Chinese media, revealing some of the challenges ahead of the now-independent company, as well as its plans for the future. Honor is already partnering with Qualcomm to develop a Snapdragon 888 smartphone, part of the Magic series.

The bombshell of the interview was the claim that the new flagship lineup Honor Magic will be better than the Huawei Mate and Huawei P phones.

Honor Magic 2Honor Magic 2

Zhao revealed that the separation from Huawei has been done in a very respectful manner, with a farewell party and speech from Ren Zhengfei, Huawei CEO. Now the brand is going its own way and is already negotiating with AMD and Intel, two other US companies, about the upcoming Honor Magicbook laptops.

The interview scarcely mentioned any particular devices, with Honor executives explaining what are the challenges ahead of the brand, including moving to a new office, new teams, independent R&D, etc.

Honor Magic 2, launched in Oct 2018Honor Magic 2, launched in Oct 2018

However, Honor CEO did confirm the new devices will have better camera and processing features, since the team is now cooperating with external partners like Qualcomm and Google, and is not relying only on internal manpower like Huawei.

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