Latest Amazon Echo is 50% off in rare Prime Day-like deal

Echo Dot (4th Gen) sits on a shelf in a kitchen.

The fourth-generation Amazon Echo, the latest version in this line of smart speakers, is currently on sale on Amazon for just $50, which is half its original price of $100. This offer for $50 in savings is something that you’d only expect to see from Prime Day deals, so we don’t expect it to last long, as it will surely catch the attention of a lot of shoppers. Click that Buy Now button as fast as you can if you don’t want to miss out on one of the best Amazon Echo deals that you can shop right now.

Why you should buy the Amazon Echo (4th Gen) The Amazon Echo 4 on a counter.

The fourth-generation Amazon Echo, the latest release of Amazon’s flagship model for its smart speakers, is an excellent choice if you’re not sure what version to get, according to our guide on which Amazon Echo you should buy. It’s main purpose is to access Amazon’s Alexa, allowing you to ask questions, set timers and reminders, and launch music streaming services through voice commands to the digital assistant. The device also functions as a smart home hub to let you control compatible lights, locks, and sensors, and it can be used with Amazon Sidewalk to serve as a backup network for your other smart home devices to connect to if they’re having trouble maintaining a link with your home’s Wi-Fi network.

When comparing the fourth-generation Amazon Echo and third-generation Amazon Echo, the advantages of the new model include an updated spherical design, improved sound quality, and a faster and more responsive Alexa with the help of the first-generation AZ1 Neural Edge processor. Meanwhile, between the Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot, its smaller sibling that also now comes in a spherical shape instead of its previous puck-like design, you’ll want to go for the larger option because its higher-quality 360-degree speaker provides superior audio performance and better capability to cover bigger rooms.

Amazon’s smart home deals for Prime Day are officially over, but if you weren’t able to purchase an Alexa-powered smart speaker from the shopping event, you’ve got another chance. There’s currently a $50 discount for the fourth-generation Amazon Echo, which halves the device’s price to $50 from its sticker price of $100. It doesn’t look like it will get cheaper when this year’s Black Friday deals arrive, so there’s no reason not to add the Amazon Echo to your cart and check out immediately.

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