Meta Connect live coverage: Quest Pro launch and more metaverse

It’s been a year since Facebook became Meta, and began its deliberately pushing toward embracing the metaverse. Since then, it’s all been building up to this, the expected launch of the Meta Quest Pro. This high-end VR headset is said to vastly surpass the current Quest 2, offering improved passthrough for AR experiences, a sharper resolution, eye-tracking, and a host of other features.

According to what Zuckerberg has already said about the upcoming headset, it is likely made for far more than just gaming, so expect lots of talk about all the new experiences this new headset enables. He even stated that the long-term goal is for a headset to replace your laptop for work.

Mark Zuckerberg wearing a prototype VR headset.

The keynote presentation will likely be about far more than just a new headset though. Meta is likely to expound upon its vision for the metaverse as a whole and its potential for impact on society at large.

The virtual keynote starts at 10 a.m. PT, and you can watch it livestreamed yourself.

We’ll be updating this post live as more announcements roll in, so make sure to come back and refresh the page for more.

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