New Skate 4 trailer is a big tease, reveals that people have seen gameplay

The next entry in the Skate franchise is still far of, and developer Full Circle is well aware of that, and of how much fans want another game. A self-admitted teaser trailer for the game came out today, offering sparse details on Skate 4 and confirming that people outside of the development studio have seen gameplay.

The trailer revealed today mostly shows some of the game’s mo-cap in action, with developer Deran Chung interrupting the action to say “The truth is, it’s early. We’re still working on it [Skate 4].” It’s not entirely clear when development on the next entry in the Skate franchise started. Skate 4 was initially announced at the EA Play event in 2020, but the game has fallen off the radar since then. It’s also worth noting that Skate 4 won’t be alongside Battlefield 2042 and Apex Legends at this year’s EA Play event on July 22.

we’re working on it.

— skate. (@skateEA) July 19, 2021

While we probably won’t see the next Skate game for a while, a select group of people has had that distinct privilege. Those people, a mishmash of content creators and influencers that are fans of the Skate franchise, have seen the game in action and revealed some small details in the video. While the video stacks voices on top of one another, a few key phrases can be picked out, including “online sessions” and “open world.” So far, it seems that these two staple features of the Skate franchise will be making a return in Skate 4.

Another person later into the video exclaims “Yeah, you can climb,” the first hint towards a new feature coming in the game.

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