Pete Lau says OnePlus will focus its R&D efforts on camera improvements

In a recent discussion on Weibo, OnePlus’ co-founder and current CEO, Pete Lau, said that the company’s research and development efforts will go mainly towards improving the camera quality. After all, that’s the re-occurring theme with all OnePlus devices – reviewers are often a bit disappointed by the camera quality compared to other flagships.

Pete Lau says OnePlus will focus its R&D efforts at camera improvements

The company already made big strides last year and it’s now expressing its commitment to continue pushing in 2021.

The is also in line with a recent rumor going claiming that the company is working with Leica to deliver its technologies to OnePlus flagships. In fact, previous reports say that the upcoming OnePlus 9 family could come with Leica lenses but nothing solid has come through for now.

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