Realme 9 Pro sketches leak

What an amazing time to be alive! Today we present you leaked sketches – seriously, yes, sketches – of the upcoming Realme 9 Pro. Not images of the phone, mind you – not even “CAD-based renders”. No, these are literally sketches. See for yourself below.

According to the (still can’t believe it’s come to this) sketches, the Realme 9 Pro will have a 6.43″ AMOLED display, surprising absolutely no one, as well as a “Sony Customized Main Sensor” on the back.

Realme 9 Pro sketches leak

The source of this incredible (in both senses) leak obviously claims the sketches are legit, but what does that even mean? Did someone gain access to the work of the phone’s designers? And if you have the sketches, why not make some renders based on them? After all, that’s pretty much what the entire “CAD-based render” industry is about.

Anyway, our confusion aside, let’s recall that the Realme 9 Pro is supposed to sport a 5,000 mAh battery, according to a recent certification, while the Realme 9 Pro+ should get 65W fast charging (the rate for the non-plus Pro is still a mystery). Not much else is known about the Pro, but the Pro+ should get a 50 MP main rear camera, and a 16 MP selfie shooter.


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