Reclaiming Emotional Stability During Through Hard Times

 Your business may have been doing well, but it’s been a challenge since the onset of the pandemic. Even if your business provides a product in high demand because of the pandemic, you may be facing personal problems. Restrictions have caused people to be stuck in their homes. The addition of political and social discourse only adds to the stress and confusion you are feeling. Whatever it is you’re going through, you may feel “off” and unsure.

Maybe it’s just a faint feeling of aloofness or numbness. Getting too close to your emotions can bring out the anger inside of you. You probably understand what triggers you, and you can take proactive measures. Depression can become a problem for a business owner. You may not have the energy or the passion needed to run a business successfully. Feeling this way occasionally is normal, but it shouldn’t need to be permanent. You can do things to move on and gain your happiness back, helping to improve all aspects of your life, including your business.

1. Write It Down

Write down what’s happening to you and how you are feeling. Writing things down is simply about reflecting on events and how you feel about them. It might take a little longer, but handwriting things can prompt the creative part of your mind. Putting emotionally difficult events down in black and white may help you acknowledge them and free you from the emotional attachment you have to those events. Repressing it will only hold you down.

Digging up some past experiences can be painful and may be overwhelming, please seek professional assistance if needed. Talk to your doctor about finding a licensed mental health professional. The American Counseling Association recommends when looking for a licensed professional near you.

2. Understand How the Situation is Affecting You

Not only will you want to write down what happened, but you’ll also want to reflect on the impact the event had on you. How did you feel about it? How did your behavior change? Did your beliefs change because of the situation? Did you view a change in yourself and the world around you? Did you find out what is truly important to you? What important lesson did you learn? What do you need to feel safe, loved, and accepted?

3. Write Down How You’re Being Affected Right Now

Name your feelings right now. How has the past affected you? Do you see patterns in your thoughts that stem from past trauma? What things are currently triggering you from the past? Do you try to be perfect or overachieve? When certain emotions arise, do you feel the need to put up your defenses or lash out at others? When you can target where these feelings and actions are coming from, you can begin to get over the past trauma or crisis.

4. Can Your Recognize the Signs?

Are you able to recognize when you begin to feel “off”? Do you notice that something may happen just before you start to feel this way?  This could be feelings of numbness, sadness, worthlessness, or feeling unwanted. What are your coping mechanisms when something uncomfortable happens?

How are you coping right now with things happening in your life every day? What are the thoughts that come up in your mind? Becoming aware of this and naming it can help you recognize it. Instead of reacting, it can help you start to move through the uncomfortable emotions tied to the past.

5. Get Some Support

When we’re going through something, we may want to isolate ourselves and spend time alone. While some personal time may be beneficial, it isn’t always the healthiest way. It’s essential to feel loved and supported as you go through the process of healing. Talking to someone can help. The kind of support you need or want is up to you. You may need a professional therapist, a life coach, or a support group. Maybe you just need to talk to a friend you trust. Discussing the problem with someone else can help you see another perspective. It can make you feel like you’re not alone.

We have a hard time opening up and recognizing painful events. However, as much as we avoid them, they are still there. In business, staying positive and happy is essential to your success. Of course, you’re going to have bad days. However, if you’re overwhelmed for too long, your business will suffer, as will other parts of your life. Reflecting and finding your happiness again is paramount.

Learning to recognize your triggers and the emotions they bring takes work. You shouldn’t dwell on the past but just be willing to look at it, deal with and learn to control the emotions that arise. Once you begin to master this, you may find you have fewer triggers and not as many down days. You may be able to use what you have learned to help others around you. You may become a better leader and an inspiration to others.

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