Samsung trademarks Z Roll name, hinting at incoming rollable phone

Yesterday Samsung shared a demo video of its display advancementsand one of the concepts it showcased was a rollable unit. As we all know, concepts not always make it to the real-world, but a new trademark granted by EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office), Samsung might be taking this one very seriously.

Samsung trademarks a rollable phone called Z Roll

The company trademarked the Z Roll name, signaling its commitment to the project. The document also suggests that the Z Roll will support S-Pen. Perhaps it’s too optimistic to expect Samsung’s rollable phone to come out this year but hopefully the next one. It will be interesting to see which company releases its version of a rollable phone first. Oppo and TCL have showed prototypes while LG was the closest, but its exit from the smartphone market meant that project was scrapped.

Source | Via (in Dutch)

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