Some Awesome End of Year Printable Worksheets and Activities for Teachers

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This post was last updated in June 2022
Now that the summer vacation is around the corner, it becomes harder and harder to keep students motivated and focused. In fact, it is even harder for us teachers and educators. We all love summer break, a time to recharge, connect with old friends, and pursue our favourite habits. The vacation mode when it sets in it changes the whole dynamic in class. 
Some Awesome End of Year Printable Worksheets and Activities for Teachers

However, the last few days or weeks of school can also be great learning opportunities for our students. There are several end of year fun activities and educational projects to turn this closing period into fun and engaging learning experiences for our kids and students. To this end, I curated for you this handy collection featuring some useful end of year workable printable worksheets, educational activities, and lesson ideas.  Check it out and share with us on our social media platforms if you have other suggestions to add to the list

Super Teacher offers a wide range of end of year printable worksheets and writing prompts together with last day of school activities. The site also feature end of year coloring pages in PDF format for students in Kindergarten to 3rd grade. Some of the last day of school activities provided include Task Cards:End of Year Discussion that can be used in group discussions in class. Students select a card and they take turn answering the questions (e.g.,  what is your favourite book you read this year? What was your favourite learning activity this year and why? etc).Super Teacher website also features end of year gifts and summer worksheets featuring word search puzzles, stories for kids and math worksheets.
Teacher Stuff offers this collection of end of the year printable worksheets that are available for free download in PDF format. These include printable story starters to try for last days of school, end of the year memory book, end of the year poems and fun recipes, and more. The site also features useful links where you can access free end of the year activities.
Teach-nology has this collection of end of year worksheets organized into various categories including: End of School Year Crossword Puzzle, Group Creative Writing Activity, Vocabulary Maze, Word Scramble, End of the Year Teacher Resources, and many more.
Teachers Pay Teachers contains over 50 end of school year worksheets including editable coloring sheets summer fun worksheets, last day of school activities and lesson plans, graduation printables, last day of school reflection worksheet, last day of school task cards, fun end of year math activities, 4th grade end of year activities, and many more. You can browse these resources by grade, subject, price, and resource type.
Coloring Home offers this collection of free downloadable end of school colouring pages designed for kids of all ages. Kids can use them to turn those last days of school into fun learning events where they get to engage in creative drawing and colouring activities, practice motor skills and develop their color recognition. 
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Classroom Doodles is another platform where you can access free end of school coloring pages covering different themes. the site also offers end of the year coloring award pages ‘to make every student in your class feel special’.Some of these awards printables include:Best laugh, Bookworm, Class Cheerleader, All-star Attendance, Awesome Artist, Computer Whiz, Class Comedian, Class Clown, Smarty Pants, Peace Maker, and many more. 
TeacherVision offers a wide range of end of the year resources that include educational activities, classroom tools, worksheet printables, and more. 
The Printable Worksheets section in features various end of year printables to use with your students in class. You can browse through these resources by topic, standard, subject, and/or grade. Samples of featured printable worksheets include: End of Year assessment: Sentence Writing, End of Year Reflections:The Highs and Lows, End of Year Narrative Writing Check-in, End of Year Math Assessment, and many more.
EdHelper offers educational printables for students of all ages from kindergarten to high school. Its End of School section contains numerous printable materials to use for edn of year activities. These include: printable memory book, learning workbooks for summer, daily summer activities, end of school year bulletin board, end of school mazes, end of year posters, daily end of school activity lesson plan book, and many more. 
The popular design platform Canva offers a huge collection of end of school year graphics and posters to use with your students in class. Using Canva’s editor you will be able to customize these visuals the way you want. You can add text, insert images, change backgrounds, add animations, and when you are done you can share them in various formats including as PDF, Image, or video. Check out Canva full tutorial for teachers to learn more about the educational potential of this platform.

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