The best shows on Apple TV+

Apple TV+ was one of the last streaming services to launch, but it might just have been worth the wait. The streaming service has been slowly but surely building a base of fantastic series. From hilarious, award-winning comedies like Ted Lasso to totally unique and mind-bending concepts like Calls, Apple TV+ is carving out a niche for itself in the world of TV streaming. With new titles being added all the time, there’s always something new and exciting to check out. Trying to decide what to watch or if Apple TV+ is even worth getting? Here’s a look at the best Apple TV+ series you can watch right now to help you decide for yourself.

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1971: The Year That Music Changed Everything

It’s incredible to imagine that one single year brought the world some of the best work from musical icons like The Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, The Who, Joni Mitchell, Lou Reed, and, well, the list goes on. This docuseries, delivered in eight parts, pulls back the curtain to reveal the journeys of some of the most influential musical artists of this pivotal year in the industry, along with how they used their music for more than just entertainment. The songs, the performances, the delivery, and the messages were all designed to inspire hope and change. It’s a must-watch for music fans, with critics lauding the “feast of rare footage.”

Created by: Mercury Studios
Cast: Various archival footage
Number of seasons: 1

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The Me You Can’t See

The deep and honest testimonials from influential Hollywood figures like Lady Gaga and Glenn Close combined with the guided discussions by Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry and the timely and important subject matter of mental health all beautifully come together to create this series. It’s a must-watch for anyone looking to work on their emotional well-being and learn how to help others around them who are dealing with their own personal struggles. The conversations are expectedly raw, open, and inspiring. The simple importance of the series itself transcends any type of typical critical analysis. “If [the series] helps one person,” noted CNN’s Brian Lowry, “this globe-spanning exercise was surely worth it.”

Created by: Harpo Productions, RadicalMedia
Cast: Oprah Winfrey, Prince Harry, Lady Gaga, Glenn Close, DeMar DeRozan
Number of seasons: 1

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Mythic Quest

This comedy looks at the inside world of video game creation, telling the story from the perspective of those who work in a development studio. Starring Rob McElhenney (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) as Ian, the creative director, the show has nine episodes to date in the first season, with a second season planned as well. With solid ratings all around, Rotten Tomatoes calls it hilarious, and lauds its ability to explore the gaming industry with “intelligence, thoughtfulness, and sincerity.” It is, however, called out for relying too heavily on the “workplace comedy formula.” Nonetheless, if you’re into that genre as well as video games, it’s worth checking out. Season 2 begins May 7.

Created by: Charlie Day, Megan Ganz, Rob McElhenney
Cast: Rob McElhenney, Charlotte Nicdao, David Hornsby, Ashly Burch, Jessie Ennis
Number of seasons: 2

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One of Apple TV+’s first real hit dramas also happens to be its first non-English show. The espionage series tells the story of a Mossad agent who goes deep undercover on a dangerous mission in Tehran, Iran. It looks familiar in the sense that it’s a spy show, but Tehran has a completely unique perspective, focusing on an Israeli woman in an extraordinarily dangerous situation in the heart of the Middle East.

Created by: Moshe Zonder
Cast: Niv Sultan, Shaun Toub, Navid Negahban
Number of seasons: 1

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Calls truly is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. While the series boasts an A-list cast, you only ever hear their voices. On-screen is just text dialogue boxes displaying what each person is saying with mesmerizing and colorful animations behind that fit the mood, cadence, and situation going on in every scene. It’s dark, dramatic, nail-biting, and terrifying, arguably more so because there are minimal visuals on screen, which leaves the viewer to use their own imagination. All it takes is about five minutes into the first episode to shift from confusion to letting your imagination run wild and getting sucked right into the sci-fi and supernatural story. Based on the French series of the same name and promising to offer an “immersive television experience” (it delivers just that), the convincing and emotional voice performances from the cast really make this show a worthy watch. Every episode is under 20 minutes so you can breeze through all nine in season 1 in a single evening. Keep in mind, however, that the swirling backgrounds can be headache-inducing, and the heavy and dark storylines mean you might only be able to mentally stomach one or two episodes a night. But it’s totally worth it.

Created by: Fede Alvarez
Voice Cast: Nick Jonas, Pedro Pascal, Rosario Dawson, Lily Collins, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Aubrey Plaza
Number of seasons: 1

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For All Mankind

Ronald D. Moore is no stranger to space, having worked on various Star Trek series throughout the ’90s (including the underrated Deep Space Nine) and created 2004’s superb reimagining of Battlestar Galactica. Moore’s For All Mankind once again ventures beyond Earth’s atmosphere, telling an alternate-history story in which the Soviet Union beats America to the moon, forcing NASA to lick its wounds and double down on further voyages into space. Rather than mining the familiar stories that astronaut biopics tend to, For All Mankind takes the fun approach of imagining just how different history could have played out — for example, President Richard Nixon, eager to attract female voters, orders NASA to deploy women to space. It’s not a revolutionary show, but it’s an entertaining one, particularly for fans of Cold War history.

Created by: Ronald D. Moore, Matt Wolpert, Ben Nedivi
Cast: Joel Kinnaman, Michael Dorman, Wrenn Schmidt, Sarah Jones, Shantel VanSanten, Jodi Balfour
Number of seasons: 2

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The Snoopy Show

Charles M. Schulz’s famous comic strip comes to life again in this reincarnation of the popular characters, namely Snoopy the beagle and his adorable sidekick Woodstock. As expected, the two go on plenty of adventures together, and Snoopy continues to fight the Red Baron through various personas, including the Masked Marvel, Joe Cool, and Flying Ace. The episodes are just seven minutes long, but they will bring back memories for parents and delight kids of all ages. Alongside Snoopy, other favorite characters return, including Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, and Peppermint Patty.

Created by: Based on Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz
Cast: Ethan Pugiotto, Terry McGurrin, Rob Tinkler, Christian Dal Dosso, Isabella Leo, Holly Gorski, Hattie Kragter
Number of seasons: 1

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Losing Alice

Dubbed a “love letter for the still-too-rare female director,” reviews thus far have been fantastic, with the series lauded for being both “twisty and thrilling.” The psychological neo-noir drama takes you back and forth in time, following the title character Alice, a 48-year-old film director who becomes obsessed with a 24-year-old femme fatale screenwriter. Inspired by Faust’s tale, whereby the subject of German legend makes a deal with the devil in an effort to find satisfaction and power in his life, Alice does much the same in her quest for achieving lasting relevance. It’s a complex and thought-provoking story that marks an interesting option within Apple TV+’s growing list of series.

Created by: Sigal Avin
Cast: Ayelet Zurer, Lihi Kornowski, Gal Toren, Yossi Marshek, Shai Avivi, Chelli Goldenberg, Hadas Jade Sakori
Number of seasons: 1

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