This Is How to Create Polls in Google Meet

 Sunday, April 18, 2021  
Polling is a handy feature provided by Google Meet. As a teacher, you can use Meet polls for a variety of educational purposes including: empowering students voice by involving them in making decisions about their learning, brainstorm ideas for a topic or class event, gather feedback, and you can even use them to conduct formative assessments. 
click Polls.Click Start a poll. Enter a question and add options for the poll.Choose one:To post your poll, click Launch.To save your poll so you can launch it later, click Save.Tip: Polls you save remain listed under Polls.

Moderate a poll
In a meeting, in the top-right corner, click Activities click Polls.
(Optional) To let participants see a poll’s results, next to “Show everyone the results”, click Switch on (Optional) To close a poll and not allow responses, click End the poll. Tip: Participants can still view the poll.

To permanently delete a poll from your list of polls, click Delete .

Tip: No one can view deleted polls.”

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