Top 5 USA Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookup Services

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Top 5 USA Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookup Services

There are many reverse cell phone number lookup services for U.S. residents that let you search for the contact info on anyone by simply typing in their phone number. Every reverse cell phone number lookup service offers limited free results on someones city, state, and phone service provider in America but not their name and address. However these services will let you uncover the entire results if you either pay for a trial period, pay only per report, or pay a monthly subscription fee. Below you will find 5 of the best services that you can use to help you find out personal information on any mobile or landline number in the United States.

1. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is a professional reverse cell phone number lookup service that Americans use for many different reasons that you may not have heard about. The most common reasons why Americans use this service is to track down prank callers, telemarketers, spy on a cheating spouse, find long-lost friends, and to trace missed calls or unlisted numbers. Another reason why so many Americans use this service is because it has one of the most straightforward and affordable payment options on the internet right now. As a matter of fact this service has a $1.99 full trial membership for 5 days then after that you will only have to pay $5.99 per month to access a persons full contact info which is a pretty awesome deal.

2. Infotracer

Like most reverse cell phone number lookup services in the U.S. Infotracer gives you very limited free results which include a persons phone carrier and the city they live in. If you want full results and unlimited access to search from this service you must pay $3.95 for 7 days but after that you will be billed $19.05 monthly unless you cancel. The results include the owners name, address history, email address, phone numbers, social profiles, web accounts, public records, relatives, employment, education, and more. All in all, Infotracer is one of the best services that you can use to lookup phone numbers online today because of its user-friendly interface and highly accurate results.

3. People Finders

People Finders is a California based public records company founded by Robert Miller in 1999 and offers reverse cell phone number lookup services at competitive pricing. Right now the service has a limited time offer of $3.95 for full reports but you must pay this fee every time for each separate report. As an alternative this service is offering a $0.95 3 day trial which is one of their best deals but if you don’t cancel within the 3 days you will be billed $24.95 per month. If you do decide to cancel the service within the 3 day trial you will only be charged $2.95 which is a dollar cheaper than the $3.95 per report option.

4. Intelius

Intelius has a headquarters in Bellevue, WA and is another popular reverse cell phone number lookup service in the USA but they charge $0.95 for a five day trial and if you don’t cancel you will be paying $29.95 every month. After you have paid for the service your results will include a person’s court records, marriage records, property listings, name, location and more. Overall this service will cost you more money on a monthly basis than the other services out there but that’s because Intelius has been around longer and has one of the most accurate databases in the public records industry.

5. BeenVerified

Last but not least we have BeenVerified which is a New York based reverse cell phone number lookup service that offers a $1 trial for 7 days to gain access to unlimited results. During your trial offer of the service you will be able to access unlimited background reports, pictures, criminal records, names, addresses, social profiles and more. After the 7 day trial has ended you will be charged $26.89 per month unless you cancel your subscription before the trial has ended.


As you can see there are many reverse cell phone number lookup services in the United States that will give you limited free results on a caller but if you decide to pay you will get more information on a person than just their phone carrier and city. Each service offers their own different pay structure whether you just want to pay per report or you want to pay for monthly access if you plan on doing your searches long term. Whichever service you use just make sure it suits your needs and can provide you the most accurate and up to date results on anyone you are trying to look up.

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