Twitter is working on more tweet reactions, similar to Facebook

Twitter is apparently looking into implementing richer reaction option on its platform. The insider info comes courtesy of Jane Manchun Wong – the same researcher that has recently been tipping the internet about other Twitter features, like its verification program, Tip Jar and “Blue” paid subscription. There is even a glimpse of how these new reactions might look like. Currently only the “Hmm” and “Haha” reactions have proper icons. “Cheer” and “Sad” just use the “Like” icon.

Twitter is working on Tweet Reactions view:“Likes”, “Cheer”, “Hmm”, “Sad”, “Haha”

The icons for the Cheer and Sad reactions are WIP and shown as the generic heart one at the moment

— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) May 28, 2021

Apparently, the feature has been in testing for at least a couple of weeks now, which comes as no surprise, given that on a platform like Twitter any form of new user interaction needs to be considered very carefully. There is always the possibility for something to be used for bullying or harassment and lead to a sticky situation.

Twitter has been on sort of a feature expansion spree lately, with such new additions like paid Super Follows and the Communities functionality. Just this month, Twitter also opened-up its voice-only Spaces feature to more user, while also introducing paid Ticketed Spaces. An interesting and ongoing string of cautious, yet pretty ambitious moves overall.

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