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A great little spot cleaner, the Vax SpotWash Home Duo comes with dual tools, so you can tackle less hygienic messes separately from regular spot-cleaning jobs. It’s powerful, simple to use and compact, making it a great addition to all households, but particularly those with pets.


  • Very compact
  • Two cleaner heads
  • Powerful cleaning

  • No onboard tool storage

  • UKRRP: £147.99
Key Features
  • TypeA portable spot cleaner that’s designed for cleaning carpets, upholstery and hard floors
  • PowerThis is a plug-in cleaner


A spot cleaner is great option for dealing with minor day-to-day stains, rather than having to pull out a full carpet cleaner. While most work in a similar fashion, the Vax SpotWash Home Duo comes with two sets of tools: one for dealing with messy stains, with the other for more regular dirt.

For anyone who’s had to deal with pet mess and the like, this inclusion will certainly appeal. Lightweight, easy to use and powerful, this is a great little spot cleaner for practically all jobs.

Design and Features

  • Two sets of tools in the box
  • Light and easy to carry around
  • Simple to use

Smartly designed, the Vax SpotWash Home Duo is compact and easy to store. Its hose wraps around the main body, the tools all fit into the provided accessory bag, and the long (5.5m) power cable wraps up neatly. At just 4.5kg, this small spot washer is easy to carry to the area that requires addressing, and the long hose meant that I could mostly use it without having to pick up the main unit.

Vax SpotWash Home Duo folded upImage Credit (Trusted Reviews)

As with most spot washers, including the company’s own Vax ONEPWR Spotless Go, this model features two water tanks. First is the 1.1-litre clean tank, which holds a combination of cleaning fluid and water. Handy fill levels for small and large areas help you achieve the correct mix of cleaning solution to water.

Vax SpotWash Home Duo water tankImage Credit (Trusted Reviews)

The second tank is where all the dirty water from cleaning collects. With a 0.72-litre capacity, this tank is a little smaller than the clean water unit, so you may have to empty it part way through a long clean. To prevent accidents, the SpotWash Home Duo has a float in the tank to seal it when it’s full.

Vax SpotWash Home Duo dirty tankImage Credit (Trusted Reviews)

The most notable difference between this spot cleaner and others is that the SpotWash Home Duo arrives with two floor heads. The Extra Wide 2-in-1 Wash Tool is designed for most of your cleaning jobs; the smaller Messy Clean Tool is for those unsavoury jobs, such as cleaning up pet mess, for example. 

Vax SpotWash Home Duo toolsImage Credit (Trusted Reviews)

The addition of an extra set of tools for messy cleaning is a good idea, because there won’t be many who will be happy to use the same floorhead they’ve used to clean up pet mess for spot cleaning a stain on their expensive sofa.

Note that while the heads can be used without attachments for sucking up any mess, they both come with inserts: carpet/upholstery and hard floor brushes for the wide tool, and a carpet/upholstery brush for the smaller tool. These feature an anti-microbial finish, which helps prevent fungal growth. It’s a coating that Vax uses on its other products, too, such as the Vax ONEPWR Edge Dual Pet & Car vacuum cleaner.

You’ll also find a thin crevice tool brush in the box, designed to get right into the corners and edges of a room.

Using the Vax SpotWash Home Duo couldn’t be easier. With cleaning fluid filled and an attachment fitted, a single button turns the cleaner on. A trigger gently releases cleaning fluid to saturate the area being tackled, while you rub the cleaning head over the stain to remove dirt.

Vax SpotWash Home Duo power buttonImage Credit (Trusted Reviews)

Vax includes a 250ml starter bottle of antibacterial cleaning fluid in the box, which will be sufficient for a few cleans. One-litre bottles of standard cleaner cost £9.99, with the same-sized antibacterial version costing £12.99. 

Vax SpotWash Home Duo cleaning fluidImage Credit (Trusted Reviews)

Thanks to the clear heads, you will be able to see the dirt coming out of the carpet. When the liquid runs clear, you’ll know that all the dirt has been lifted.

Vax SpotWash Home Duo cleaningImage Credit (Trusted Reviews)

Once you’ve completed a clean, the clean tank should be emptied and the dirty tank washed out. The cleaning heads come apart nicely so they can be cleaned under a tap, too.

Vax SpotWash Home Duo cleaning upImage Credit (Trusted Reviews)Performance

  • Excellent cleaning power on carpets
  • Useful for mopping up wet spills on hard floors

To test the Vax SpotWash Home Duo, I put it through a few tests, starting on carpet. Here, I stained the flooring with ketchup and mud, leaving both patches to dry in.

Starting with the ketchup stain, I used the wide head with the carpet tool, generously saturating the stain with cleaning fluid, and thereafter sucking up the mess.

Vax SpotWash Home Duo cleaning fluidImage Credit (Trusted Reviews)

It took some gentle scrubbing and a couple of goes using the stain-removing fluid to lift the dirt, leaving the carpet as good as new.

Vax SpotWash Home Duo ketchup stainImage Credit (Trusted Reviews)
Vax SpotWash Home Duo clean ketchup stainImage Credit (Trusted Reviews)

Removing the mud stain was even quicker. This required only a small quantity of cleaning fluid, and a gentle pass over the top to remove all the dirt.

Vax SpotWash Home Duo mud stainImage Credit (Trusted Reviews)
Vax SpotWash Home Duo clean mud stain

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