Watch Samsung’s The First Look live stream for the latest in TV tech

Samsung is kicking off 2021 with The First Look – the event will be the beginning of a “new vision for screens”. In other words, this will be about TVs and will serve as a preview of what’s to come at CES next week.

This event will likely feature microLED TVs. Last month ETNews reported that Samsung is preparing a large investment in facilities to mass produce microLED panels. At last year’s First Look Samsung unveiled a lineup of microLED, QLED 8K and Lifestyle TVs ahead of their detailed presentation at CES.

Displays aside, the company will also “introduce its latest creations, technologies, and a new vision for a sustainable and inclusive future”. The event starts at 16:00 UTC, the YouTube stream is embedded below so you can watch along.

If you are not familiar with microLED, the technology is similar to OLED in that every pixel emits its own light, there’s no backlight. However, it improves on traditional weaknesses of OLED, including low brightness (Samsung’s microLED displays can hit 5,000 nits), and doesn’t suffer from burn in.

Next up on Samsung’s calendar is the CES presentation scheduled for January 11, which will complement today’s event. After that the company will switch from large electronics to pocketable ones – the Galaxy S21 Unpacked event is coming up on January 16.


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