10+ Chrome Tips and Tricks for Teachers and Students – SULS0165

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10+ Chrome Tips and Tricks for Teachers and StudentsThere’s no place like Chrome for teachers and students!

In this episode, we are jumping into some Google Chrome updates, features, and tips for teachers and students.

Let’s learn how to make the most of the Chrome browser, save time and clicks, and get organized. 

If you are using Google, you should be using Google Chrome.

Google works best with Google, y’all!

10+ Chrome Tips & Tricks for Teachers & Students

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You are going to love using these Chrome tips to save you time and stay organized in the classroom!

1. Switch Between Google Accounts Using Chrome Profiles

If you have more than one Google account, you should be using Chrome profiles to seamlessly toggle between your accounts. Watch the video below to learn how to “clean up” the wrong way, and set up your new profiles.

2. Search Open Tabs

Do you have a lot of tabs open in Chrome? I do! I am a self-proclaimed tab hoarder and I often forget what I have opened. You can easily search all your open tabs to jump to it!

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3. Name and Color Code Tab Groups

Another great way to manage your tabs in Google Chrome is to name groups of tabs and color-code them. It’s easy to group tabs together for certain tasks like lesson planning, research, personal, etc.

4. Share a Link to Highlighted Text on a Webpage

Have you ever wanted to share one specific part of an article on a webpage? But the page is so long that sometimes students (and adults) cannot find that special part. Share a link that highlights and sends them directly to that section.

5. Create a Custom QR Code

QR codes are a great way to share links with mobile devices. Chrome has a super easy shortcut that will let you create and save a QR code in seconds.

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6. Google Search Easter Eggs

Google Search is more than just a list of relevant websites. You can use Google Search to access interactive tools for your classroom. (We call these hidden gems Easter Eggs!)

7. Closed Captions for Videos in Chrome

Closed captions are great for helping students understand the information in videos. CC is available in Google Meet, YouTube, and more, but did you know that Chrome will generate captions for other videos on the web? Check out this video to learn how.

8. Mute a Tab

Ever been annoyed by the noise on a website? Or automatically playing background music? Maybe you just need to stream something, but not listen to the sound. You can easily keep playing but mute the tab.

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9. Continue Where You Left Off

As someone who uses tabs to help me remember where I left off from one day to the next, I love this feature. Set Google Chrome to reopen the tabs you had open when you closed it so you can pick up where you left off.

10. Pinned Tabs

I have some tabs that are more important than others, and some that I ALWAYS leave open–like Gmail and Google Drive. I keep these “pinned” which means that are always open and always at the front of my tabs.

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Did you like these tips? What would you add to this list. Please leave a comment below to let us know!

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The post 10+ Chrome Tips and Tricks for Teachers and Students – SULS0165 appeared first on Shake Up Learning.

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