6 Smart Strategies to Avoid Google Penalty in 2022

6 Smart Strategies to Avoid Google Penalty in 2022

Google’s Algorithm

Penalties come with a negative impact and it will be a great loss for you and your company. Google will punish websites for not following the guidelines.

A Google penalty means your website will no longer be listed on search results, or your ranking for your targeted keywords will be dropped dramatically. When your site gets a Google penalty, your target audience can’t find you. And, when you are invisible to your target audience, you will automatically lose your traffic and revenue.

Google has its own algorithm to find out the ways that you are using to get more traffic. If they are against Google, then you will be penalized. Therefore, you must optimize your website from time to time to save you and your website from Google penalties.

Below are some techniques that you can use to avoid Google penalties.

#1. Keep Up to Date with Google’s Algorithm

Google changes its algorithm from time to time. If you want to avoid penalties, you have to be updated with the latest big and important changes in Google’s algorithm. Generally, the major changes happen in the Penguin and Panda algorithms that can affect your site very badly, so marketers must avoid performing any wrong action that can affect your SEO Strategy.

It not only saves you from penalties but also rewards you for providing a good user experience and relevant content.

#2. Follow All the Rules

Google makes the rule to follow. If you don’t follow the guidelines, you can be penalized or even removed from the Google index. You need to pay close attention to rank your site rather than to adopt the tricks to improve search rankings. Do not give a chance to your users or competitors to file spam reports.

#3. Ignore Keyword Stuffing

Keywords are the focus point through which your page can be ranked but stuffing keywords possesses a negative impression on your website’s reputation. Keyword stuffing is a black hat tactic that refers to loading many keywords in a webpage that can manipulate the site’s ranking. Irrelevant keywords or repetitive keywords that sound unnatural can be the reason for a bad google ranking.

The number of keywords should be fixed according to the length of the content. Therefore, your main focus should be on providing good content with the proper utilization of keywords.

#4. Create Qualitative Content

Qualitative content is the demand for marketing. If the content that you are providing to your user is not relevant and up to the mark, then the content will no longer able to get the attention of the users.

You must do the things listed below with your content to minimize the chances to be penalized:

–  Avoid grammatical mistakes

– Use correct sentence formation

– Duplicate and copied content have no value

– Right content with accurate information

– Keep track of all your content

These are the ways by which you can avoid a Google penalty.

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