A Must Have Audio Recording App for Teachers and Students Using Chromebooks

 Saturday, January 16, 2021  
 Chromebook audio apps  

ChromeMP3 Recorder is an easy and simple audio recording app that works only on Chromebooks. Teachers and students can use it for a variety of educational purposes. For instance, teachers can use it to record audio feedback to share with students, create instructional content, and when used with Google Classroom, teachers can use it to “assign, record, and grade speaking assignments’.  Students can use it in digital storytelling projects, to record audio narrations to use in their presentations, and many more.

ChromeMP3 Recorder is simple to use. With a single click you can start, pause and stop recording. You can also save your recordings in MP3 format to upload to Google Drive or use in Google Slides to narrate your slides. The app’s simple controls enable you to easily rewind, fast forward and play back your audio recording. Watch the video below to learn how to install and set up ChromeMP3 Recorder.


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