Android 12’s internal dessert name to be Snow Cone, may feature one-handed mode

As reported by XDA, the next version of Android could be internally referred to as Android ‘Snow Cone”. Granted, Google no longer gives its Android releases dessert names as official names of Android versions, but every version’s internal code contains abbreviations that refer to the Android version.

Although Google has not officially confirmed this name, XDA reports that Google’s yet-to-be released source code for Android 12 will often be prefaced with “sc” or Snow Cone. Android 11 was referred to rvc (for red velvet cake) internally, and some previous versions of Android did have an internal name and a second retail name (Like KitKat vs Key Lime Pie).

As per a separate report from XDA, Google is expected to also release a one-handed mode for Android 12. We’ve already seen plenty of one-handed mode implementations from various OEMs over the years, but this one would be done by Google and may or may not be implemented into Android phones from all OEMs.

Previously leaked Android 12 screenshots

Google’s Android 12 developer beta is expected to land sometime this month, so we may not have to wait long before we can check out more of the features that Google plans to bring to the next version of Android.

Android 12 is expected to undergo a major visual change in UI. Other expected changes are quick-sharing of Wi-Fi passwords, double-tapping gesture, improved theming, and app pairs. We can’t wait to see what the future of Android brings.

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