Apple event September 2022: live coverage for iPhone 14, Apple Watch Series 8, and more

Apple fans, today is your day. After weeks and months of patient waiting, today is September 7 — aka the day Apple is holding its much-anticipated “Far Out” hardware event. And we’re providing live coverage here during the whole thing.

There’s a lot riding on Apple’s Far Out gathering. We’re expecting to see the iPhone 14 lineup, the Apple Watch Series 8 (including a new Pro model), the iPad 10th Gen, and AirPods Pro 2. Apple is expected to debut a new lower-cost large iPhone with the iPhone 14 Max, while the Apple Watch is expected to get its first Pro model. These are fairly big changes for what have been otherwise stable lines, bringing new features to different price points than expected (and adding a whole new price point for the Apple Watch). A new iPad isn’t so exciting, especially when the iPad Pro and iPad Air are already here and much better than the default. However, the 10th generation model is expected to come with a refreshed, modernized design while keeping the center home button for Touch ID fans. There’s plenty here old and new to be excited about if you’re an Apple person.

Stay tuned here for live updates from Apple’s Far Out event today as they happen.

Apple Event — September 7

LiveLast updated September 07, 2022 10:17 AM

Michael Allison

32 seconds ago

Seguing right off a touching show about how the Apple Watch helped save lives and relationships around the world, Apple has introduced the Apple Watch Series 8. Powered by watchOS 9, the company says its the ultimate device for a healthy life.

All the Apple Watch features you know and love are still here, with some new tricks. Leaning into current health concerns, Apple is focusing on securing pregnant people and women’s health with encryption to make sure data stays safe between the women ant their Apple Watch.

Apple’s also dug in its heels with improved car crash detection in this release.

Michael Allison

12 minutes ago

You can watch the Apple stream live here!

Apple’s event is now live. The company is opening with stories about how the Apple Watch has changed lives worldwide!

Joe Maring

34 minutes ago

Under 30 minutes to go before Far Out!

It’s almost time for Apple’s Far Out event!

Tim Cook Tweeted about the event earlier this morning, showcasing a photo of Apple Park and saying “Good morning! Looking forward to a stellar Apple event.”

Between iPhone 14, Apple Watch Series 8, and plenty more, “stellar” sounds like a good way to describe things.

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