Apple’s AR headset to use MacBook Pro’s power supply

In an investors note, Ming-Chi Kuo talks about Apple’s plans to use the same MacBook Pro 14 96W power supply for its AR/VR headset as well. That’s because the device will likely adopt two CPUs – one based on the 4nm process and one on the 5nm.

Apple's AR headset to use MacBook Pro's power supply

If the device requires a powerful 96W charging brick, this could mean that the computing power will be broadly in line with the MacBook Pro 14. It could also mean that the 96W adapter will charge the headset faster than initially anticipated.

The analyst’s prediction is that the company will reach 3 million units shipped in 2023, 8-10 million a year after and 15-20 million units in 2025

He bets Apple’s technological advancements in the field will surpass the competition by 2-3 years and offer an unrivaled experience. The first headset will be announced this year but it will ship in limited quantities.


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