Are You Too Young to Build A Writing Career?

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Young writers’ job is harder in terms of gaining the trust and respect of their readers. Readers will more likely turn to the more experienced, mostly the older writers who are full of life experience; that has seen and lived through more. That has stumbled and fell more.

I get them. And I don’t blame them. They don’t want to waste time reading an article on the life lessons extracted by an 18-year-old.

But what should young writes do then? Quit writing until they become older? Wait for turning at least the age I-don’t-know-what, until they experience, stumble, fall, and then finally write about the prosperous experiences they had?

I don’t believe in this logic. You can still write and publish while you continue to learn from what life throws at you, as a 40-year-old also didn’t finish their learning and life continues to teach them lessons and boggle their minds too.

Age is a number. You can also have a life full of jaw-dropping experiences at the age of 21 that you can scribble hundreds of pages about at ease, or so far have led a monotonous life until the age of 40.

As a young person who likes writing, you might indeed think you haven’t experienced much thus far to pursue writing. But you still can write and produce to infinity regarding what you’ve extracted from what you read, watched, listened to, and observed. You can write by tapping into your imaginary world, by using your creative power. That is the beauty of writing.

I sometimes feel insecure about my age in the writers’ world, because in me I still feel like a child and a joke of a human being. As a 21-year-old, I still have many life experiences reaching beyond me. I sometimes ask myself, what the hell am I going to say and how I’m going to impress people with my limited grasp of the world? Will people take me seriously?

At the same time, I feel confident about my early age onset in the writing world. For pushing and trying to mold my writers’ voice, style, to get absorbed in this world early on and developing myself along the way. To learning the metrics fairly early and adapting myself to this hectic environment.

To talk about my reality and experiences in this world and what I imbibed along the way to hopefully be a voice to some other people who can feel like they’re not alone and offer them a fresh perspective.

We need young writers’ perspectives. Every age has a distinct beauty to offer to the writing world. Young people can indeed be freelance writers or authors with published books. They can do writing as a side hustle and chase writing gigs and freelance clients. They can build a writing career from scratch.

As I think young writers are underrated but also have the hidden potential that the world tends to overlook; here are a few reasons why you should feel confident to be a youngster in the writing world and reasons to dive into the career world of writing as a young person:

This is not to say that once you begin writing you’ll stay safe in the same spot. You’ll only grow and branch out more and more with time as you devote your time to write more frequently and simultaneously observe the improvements in your writing.

And as a young person, you can fully use this to your advantage! You have all the time in the world to rest your foot on and figure your place in the writing world. If you have a fire igniting to pursue writing within, go chase that fire as soon as you can. Don’t delay the dream further and dip your toes into the writing realm already. Don’t think you’re too young for it.

I feel blessed that I took the chance to finally go public with my writing on such a platform as Medium and set my foot on the writing world. Even if it’s tiny compared to the whole wide world of writing, I’m beyond happy to take this leap. I love my spot, and I’m confident that I’ll grow more and more, using this spot as my reference point to reach even better destinations.

So go ahead and don’t hesitate because you’re writing isn’t on the level you want it to be yet and that you’re too young for your writing to be good. Take the advantage of starting early and improve yourself bit by bit along the way.

If you especially want to make a career and money out of your writing all the while you’re doing one of your favorite hobbies; search for outlets to write, there are a bazillion of options to look for, do your research, and start with something that piques your interest, little by little. And you’ll grow your seed in the soil of writing.

Instead of waiting to be full of life experience and insights, by throwing yourself out in the writing world, you can actually learn more about writing, what interests readers, how to write in a captivating way, and all that good stuff. You’ll learn along the way. Which is I believe the best way of learning.

I could start taking writing seriously even earlier. And if I did, I’d learn more through wallowing in the physical writing realm earlier, adjust to the unspoken rules and expectations, comprehend what makes good or bad writing, and all that knowledge you only can get access to by immersing yourself in the writing world.

I’d undoubtfully become more experienced and thus my craft would be at a more advanced level. But I still feel blessed that I chose to take writing seriously at this age. That I thankfully dropped my doubts into the ocean far behind me, and now I keep going and learning by stumbling and falling and later, getting up better.

As you don’t always write about life experiences as a youngster, because say a 40-year-old has a bunch of them and more striking ones rather than you, you can get more creative about what to write, by racking your brain on how to create a compelling piece of work.

This will lead you to open new channels to your creativity. Because by trying to form exciting ideas, you’ll undoubtfully tap into your creativity well more and more and your mind will start to be filled with more thoughts and ideas to work on and connect more of these concepts with each other. It’s a magical process.

Take me for an example. In my view, I’d say I lead a pretty boring life. I’m still at the uni, I’m confused as hell about life, I feel more often depressed than not, still in the quest of finding out who I really am, and have countless questions unanswered and reverberating in my mind.

But it’s good to have those questions, even unanswered. They drive my curiosity to explore and learn more about myself, others, and the world I live in. Which is I think the main ingredient that fuels my writing.

Writing isn’t and shouldn’t be only about writing your mouth-dropping experiences. A good writer can be told from who turns a boring story or a topic into a compelling read. Not having too many experiences and still trying to write frequently will increase your creativity as you need to work your brain harder to extract more ideas; intriguing ones. And it will pay off, believe me.

As a young person, you pretty much have all the time in the world to decide your path, try out and experiment with new areas of interest, new venues, new jobs, new hobbies, and see if they work out for you.

Use this time in your life as an advantage to finally trying out different things and forging your path to see things more clearly. How would you know what you want to pursue if you didn’t try at all?

With the same logic, if you love writing and believe you have things you want to share, try pursuing a writing career, look if it’s working out for you and if it’s a thing you’d like to pursue. And if you feel it isn’t after you put in incredible efforts, maybe go try out a different platform, different position, or a different job altogether.

You still have a good time to figure out what you want to do, that’s why being a young person in the writing world can show you the inside scoop of this industry, as you’re dipped into this reality and experience it first-hand.

Young writers shouldn’t wait to turn their passion into reality. Maybe they won’t write about what they learned after their years-long marriage or what their 9 to 5 job taught them until they finally started their own business, but they can write about a universe of topics that fit them. And there are for sure plenty of them.

If you’re a young, aspiring writer, don’t hesitate to take the leap now. Being young in the writing world can seem to have a lot of disadvantages. But I guarantee you, the earlier you start to write and the earlier you put yourself out there, you’ll see immense improvements and reach a point you desired to reach much faster.

Be confident about your age, use that as an advantage to grow, not as a withdrawing aspect because you don’t feel confident about what you have to share. Start early and start to develop. Being young and writing is indeed one of the most wonderful things that happened to me.

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