Best BT deals: The best offers on BT broadband, Broadband and TV, mobile and SIM-only in the UK this month

BT is the largest provider of fixed-line, broadband and mobile services in the UK. The company provides multiple services but because of its immense popularity, it may be a challenge to find the best BT deals depending on the service that you’re looking for. To help you stay on top of all BT deals (including Broadband, TV, mobile and SIM-only offers), we’ve listed the best ones that you can avail of this month below.

We’ll list the best deals in each category one by one. You’ll often find that deals get better the longer you’re willing to commit for. Of course, this also means that you should do your due diligence and check the contract fine print. Usually, you’ll get what is promised but breaking a contract could result in an early exit fee, so it’s worth keeping this in mind.

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BT Broadband

Get the best BT broadband deals in October 2021

Before detailing the different BT Broadband deals, we’ll first dissect the service so that you know what you’re getting into and whether or not it’s worth your money. This will also help you compare BT’s deals with other broadband service providers to let you know whether you’re getting a good deal or not.

As you can see from the below table, BT Broadband is divided into three distinct plans that increasingly offer better speeds but cost higher. It’s worth noting that all of the above plans bind you to a 24-month contract and all have unlimited data. BT’s Stay Fast Guarantee is basically the minimum speed you are guaranteed to get on the plan, regardless of your connection.

Before selecting a plan, it’s a good idea to know how approximately much speed you actually need. This can vary on a few factors, including what you mainly use the internet for and how many people live in your household. It’s better to choose one of the faster plans if there are many people using the internet on multiple devices in your household.

Similarly, if you like watching movies in UHD resolution or streaming live sporting events, you should go in for a faster plan such as BT Fibre 2 to avoid quality or lagging issues while streaming. This rule also applies if you play video games on your PlayStation or Xbox because they are notorious for the amount of bandwidth they take up.

Contrastingly, if you live alone and only use the internet for work and watching movies in your free time, the BT Fibre Essential plan could be perfect for you. Not only will you be saving money in the long run, but the speeds are more than enough for anything you need, including watching videos on your TV and mobile and uploading work files.

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The best BT Broadband deals and offers this October

1. BT Fibre 2 (£33/mth)

Among all of BT’s Broadband offerings, we recommend the BT Fibre 2 because it guarantees speeds of up to 73Mbits/sec, with a stay-fast guarantee of 48Mbits/sec, meaning you’re unlikely to have any dropouts or stream lags, regardless of whether you’re streaming content, working or gaming.

Deals details – Contract length: 24 months; Setup fee: 0; Postage and packaging: 0

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2. BT Fibre 1 (£29/mth)

If you’re not looking for blazing-fast internet speeds, this deal is worth looking into because you get good internet speeds of up to 50Mbits/sec, with a stay-fast guarantee of 48Mbits/sec. This should be fast enough for most small families, regardless of whether you’re working, streaming and even gaming.

Deals details – Contract length: 24 months; Setup fee: 0; Postage and packaging: 0

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3. BT Full Fibre 100 (was £50mth; now £45/mth)

If you’re after lightning-fast broadband for gaming or 4K streaming, this is the deal for you: you’re getting a download speed of 500Mbits/sec and an upload rate of 73Mbits/sec. If that wasn’t enough to pique the interest of gamers, BT is also throwing in six months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for free.

Deals details – Contract length: 24 months; Setup fee: 0 Postage and packaging: 0

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BT Broadband and TV

TV services in the UK are expensive by their very nature and everyone knows that BT, Sky and Virgin are the three premium TV offerings giving you access to a wide range of content via a slick interface and remote. The great news if you’re signing up to BT is that you can often get a cheaper deal if you combine your Broadband and TV package compared to if you were to choose any one service individually.

Yes, you’ll have to incur initial one-set setup fees if you’re a new customer, but if you’re looking to stay with BT for a while, then you’ll find it has a wide range of content to suit your tastes, making it worth every penny. Like Sky, BT has some of its own programmings, but if you want one, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to sacrifice the other. BT offers Sky TV programming via neat add-ons that you can add to your package.

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The best BT Broadband and TV deals and offers this October

1. BT Sport and Fibre 2 (£48/mth with £110 BT Reward Card)

Apart from average streaming speeds of up to 67Mbits/sec, this deal gives you access to all four BT Sport channels, which broadcast Premier League games, every single Champions League game and more. Superfast Fibre 2 broadband also ensures that you can stream content in lag-free HD resolution and download content on multiple devices at the same time.

Deals details – Contract length: 24 months; Setup fee: £20; Postage and packaging: 0

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