Best camping table 2021: The perfect tables for camping from £15

Whether the sun is shining or dark clouds are looming on the horizon, a good camping table is an indispensable asset in your outdoors arsenal. It doesn’t matter if your idea of getting back to basics is a one-man tent on the side of some bleak, barren mountain, or a palatial family tent on an overpriced glamping site – the best camping tables will make a big difference to how comfortably you can cook, eat and relax during your stay.

Rain or shine, festival or beauty spot, you can’t guarantee good weather when it comes to camping, so a table is a practical way to get your food, drinks and belongings up and away from dust, sand, mud and moisture – or just to ensure that the kids don’t spill your mug of Pinot Grigio. Here we’ve selected a few of our favourite models to suit every camping situation you might encounter.

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Best camping tables: At a glance

  • Best camping table for small families: Quechua Folding Camping Table | Buy now
  • Best camping table for larger groups: Vango Granite Duo 160 | Buy now 
  • Best lightweight camping table: Robens Adventure Table Small | Buy now

How to choose the best camping table for you

What do I need to look for in a camping table?

With camping tables available in a wide range of sizes and designs, it pays to pick one that works for you. What do you intend to use the table for? How many people are you planning on sitting around your table?

In short, you’ll want to make sure your table is big enough for its intended purpose. If it’s for dining, then make sure it’s big enough to seat all your campmates comfortably – and look out for features such as adjustable feet for levelling your table on uneven ground. If it’s just a side table for food prep or storage, then you can downsize to a more basic model – or look for other features such as under-table storage.

Are camping tables easy to transport?

Camping tables fold down into relatively compact packages, but you’ll need to consider how you’ll be transporting your table alongside all your other kit. If you’ve got a big car boot, that’s great, but if you don’t you’ll need to check the packed dimensions carefully, and you definitely don’t want to be backpacking with a weighty and unwieldy slab strapped to your bag. So, start with the numbers and then factor in the practicalities.

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What about storage?

Good question. Some camping tables come with integrated storage cupboards which can be a huge boon while camping. To keep weight down and maximise packability, these storage cupboards are normally made from a fabric of some kind – although sometimes they have solid bases which fit inside to provide a flat surface. In either case, they’re a great way to keep essential items off the ground and easily accessible when you need them.

Anything else I need to know?

A couple of things. Firstly, camping tables are not designed to permanently live outdoors and prolonged exposure to the weather will damage them. Most are capable of shrugging off a little rain, but on the whole, once they’ve done their job, don’t forget to clean them and pack them away for the next trip.

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The best camping tables to buy in 2021

1. Quechua Folding Camping Table for 2 to 4 People: Best camping table for smaller families

Price: £15 | Buy now from Decathlon


Conceived and designed by Decathlon’s own dedicated Quechua team at their site below Mont Blanc and tested – literally – in the field with actual campers, this seriously sturdy two-to-four person table features a melamine-covered non-slip steel top sheet capable of coping with an impressive combined load of 50kg. The two-year warranty is a boon, too.

The aluminium legs unfold easily and simply swing into place while two hooks hold the table open. Height is adjustable to a high or low position depending on requirements, and the table can accommodate up to four people – although two or three is a more comfortable number.

It weighs a relatively lightweight 3.4kg, and the convenient carry handle makes it easy to move around. As the top is non-folding, the dimensions are 78 x 60cm even when packed down, but at only 3cm thick, it’s still easy to fit in the car boot.

Key specs – Size: 70 x 78 x 60cm (HxLxW); Packable size: 3 x 80 x 60cm (HxLxW); Weight: 3.4kg; Materials: Aluminium, Steel; Seats: Up to 4; Maximum load weight: 50kg

Buy now from Decathlon

2. Vango Granite Duo 160: Best camping table for big families and groups

Price: £100 | Buy now from Vango


For bigger groups, the Granite Duo 160 from Vango is a veritable banqueting table that provides seating room for up to eight people to wine, dine and relax.

Featuring an aluminium frame for lightweight strength and a maximum load weight of 30kg, the Granite Duo 160 is height adjustable from 33cm to 71cm high – which means it can double as a dining and coffee table – and the adjustable feet provide extra stability on uneven ground. The tough, granite-effect tabletop looks great, too.

Measuring 160cm long and 80cm wide when unfolded, the Vango breaks down nicely when you need to transport it: simply detach the legs, fold it down and pop it into its accompanying carry case.

The three-year warranty bodes well for longevity (once you register your table with Vango), so if long, lazy lunches with family and friends is your style, then the Granite Duo 160 is a sturdy, highly portable option.

Key specs – Size: 71 x 160 x 80cm (HxLxW); Packable size: 42 x 82 x 14cm (HxLxW); Weight: 8.28kg; Materials: Aluminium; Seats: Up to 8; Maximum load weight: 30kg

Buy now from Vango

3. Robens Adventure Table Small: Best lightweight camping table

Price: £28 | Buy now from Robens