Best Colouring and Painting Apps for Kids

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Below is a collection of some of the best painting and colouring apps to help your kids unleash their expressive creativity and develop fine motor skills. Kids will have access to a wide variety of colouring pages featuring images covering different topics from animals and mandalas to horoscopes and flowers. Using game-based activities and interactive lessons, these apps offer kids a learning friendly space where they can exercise their painting, drawing and colouring skills, improve their hand-eye coordination, and expand their imagination and creativity.
Image source: Tap Color Pro app

This is a colouring game that engages kids in colouring activities intended to develop their fine motor skills and logic. The app embeds 9 topic packs with 135 pages. It also contains a wide variety of drawing lessons to help kids learn drawing from scratch.
Compatibility: iOS and Android / Price: Free, offers in-app purchases / Age: 4+

Pixel Art is a colouring app that enables students to colour a wide variety of pixel artworks. Using Flower Garden feature, students will get to build their own gardens, colour its objects and receive rewards. The app also offers numerous events with thematic pictures and original artworks for students to colour. Pixel Art supports 3D colouring allowing students to engage in colouring 3D images.
Compatibility: iOS and Android / Price: Free, offers in-app purchases / Age: 12+

This is a fun colouring game that provides users with a wide range of colouring objects and artworks to colour. The app’s library contains over 3000 works spanning various categories including Animals, People, Landscapes, Mandalas, and more. Besides guides and tips to help users hone in their colouring and art skills, the app also provides custom suggestions and adds new artwork on almost a daily basis.
Compatibility: iOS and Android / Price: Free, offers in-app purchases / Age: 12+
happy colour app

Happy Colour is a colour by number game featuring numerous fun and entertaining characters to colour. There are over 15000 free pictures spanning 15 categories including animals, places, hobbies, flowers, people, mosaic, mandala, horoscopes, fantasy, art, and more. ‘Coloring has never been so easy, all pictures are marked by numbers. Open your colour by number book and rediscover the simple relaxation and joy of colouring. Paint and share your favourite adult colouring pages with friends and family, let everyone see your fantastic colouring pages!’
Compatibility: iOS and Android / Price: Free, offers in-app purchases / Age: 12+

This is paint by number colouring book offers access to a huge library of free colouring pages for kids to work on. The app also makes it super easy for kids to paint their artwork. ‘Each picture has light blue or grey lines indicate areas to paint, and each area has a number and a corresponding numbered paint to use. Just follow the numbers and colouring has never been easier!’
Compatibility: iOS and Android / Price: Free, offers in-app purchases / Age: 4+

Happy Canvas is another fun colouring game for kids. The app offers a large collection of pictures covering topics such as birds, vehicles, food, nature, horoscopes, patterns, buildings, and more. Each of the featured pictures contain numbers which correspond to a specific colour. ‘Color the drawing by the numbers from the palette and create a colourful picture that can be shared with friends.’
Compatibility: iOS and Android / Price: Free, offers in-app purchases / Age: 4+

Tap Colour is a colouring and painting game that enable users to draw their own artwork based on numbers. The app also offers various colouring pages in different collections. Users can tap on numbers in he pictures and follow clues to complete their colouring and painting activitiy. Progress is auto-saved so that users can resume their work later.
Compatibility: iOS and Android / Price: Free, offers in-app purchases / Age: 4+

Cat Kitty is another colour book featuring various colouring activities. Some of the features it offers include: a freehand drawing mode, a colour fill mode to to fill specific parts with desired colours, erase mode to fine erase or reset colouring, save and share your works with others. Cat Kitty also offers the ability to play relaxing music in the background or use your background music.
Compatibility: iOS (Android alternative) / Price: Free, offers in-app purchases / Age: 4+

Pony Unicorn help kids develop their colouring skills. The app offers two main modes: a finger drawing mode which enable kids to colour images by drawing with their fingers on selected areas, and a 1-touch colour mode which allows users to ‘anywhere on the coloring page and the corresponding image part will be filled with the selected color.’
Compatibility: iOS and Android / Price: Free, offers in-app purchases / Age: 4+
ABC colouring book app

ABC Colouring Book contains various colouring ages and painting games to help kids learn colours, shapes, alphabet letters, and numbers. There are over 18 different games and quizzes covering numerous topics from learn how to paint facial expressions and emotions to learning how to identify patterns. The app also supports several languages including Arabic, Spanish, German, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and more.

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