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Wordle fever has hit an all-time high of late. Despite coming out in 2021, it has just had a massive surge in popularity. The simple word game is easy enough for anyone, young and old, gamer or not, to pick up and have a great time. It is challenging but just as addicting. That’s what makes the fact that Worlde only gives one puzzle per day so agonizing for everyone who is hooked on it. We all want more, but there’s no getting around that daily time restraint.

While you’re waiting for the new daily puzzle to pop, there are plenty of alternative titles to Wordle that can scratch a similar itch. All are simple to pick up, will test your creative thinking skills, and maybe even teach you some new words or otherwise help you practice for when it’s time to get back to Wordle. The mobile and PC games market are among the most saturated, especially with puzzle games, so rather than dig through all the cheap imitators, here are the best games like Wordle you can play right now.

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TypeShift is a great companion to Wordle but does have a bit more focus and direction. Rather than trying to guess a single world, you’re given a set of letters that you can slide up and down to swap out what letter is in that specific part. By moving letters up and down, you need to create words using the available combinations. Once you create a word using a letter, it changes color, with the goal being to use every letter in a word and have them all change color. TypeShift is more about solving a puzzle in as many ways as possible with the same pieces rather than trying to solve a single puzzle, like Wordle. TypeShift has plenty of modes, too. There’s a daily challenge, much like Wordle, but there’s also a huge number of puzzles included to binge if you so choose.

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Kitty Letter

If you’ve ever read the webcomic The Oatmeal, Kitty Letter’s art style will be immediately recognizable. From that same creator, this is a more directly competitive game than Wordle. In this mobile-only game, you and an opponent are given a set of letters similar to Scrabble tiles set in a hexagon that you connect in order to form words. As you make more words, you summon cats that will carry those words toward your opponent and then blow up. The larger the words you form, the more damage you will do. This is a bit more stressful than Wordle but very cute and addicting.

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Babble Royale

This entry may look like another lazy attempt to jump in on the battle royale craze, and maybe it is, but Babble Royale is still a really fun game. All you need to know is that it’s Scrabble, but with the battle royale twist. If you’re not familiar with that term, in this game’s case, you will join a game with up to 15 other players all playing your tiles on the board at once. You can only build off the first word you make as the edges of the board close in, forcing everyone to form words closer and closer together. If you make a word that connects to a letter an opponent is still trying to build off of, you eliminate them. The last one standing (or spelling) wins.

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This is an older game, but still just as good as it was when it came out. SpellTower is a little bit like Boggle and Tetris wrapped into one. You’re given a grid of letters in a well, as you would playing Tetris, with the goal to connect any adjacent letters together to form words. Whatever letters you connect into words will disappear, dropping any letters above them down. Some special letters, like Q and X, will also clear the entire row if you find a way to use them in a word. Every word you make causes another row of letters to fall, with the game ending when the screen fills to the top. Other modes have tiles fall based on time, or a multiplayer mode where tiles you clear on your screen are sent to your opponent.

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Hello Wordl

Finally, if you really just want Wordle and nothing else will do, there’s always Hello Wordl. This is the exact same game as Wordle, with a few tweaks, but the most important being that you’re not limited to just one puzzle per day. If you feel like a master of regular Wordle already, then Hello Wordl might be perfect since you can adjust the puzzles to have words anywhere between four and 11 letters long to guess. Otherwise, this is a carbon copy of Wordle, even down to the color-coding of the letters. If nothing else, it is a stress-free way to practice your Wordle skills before taking on the daily puzzle.

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