Best Nespresso capsules 2021: Our favourite classic Nespresso and Vertuo pods

Finding the best Nespresso capsules is no easy feat. With over thirty classic Nespresso varieties and an equally large number of Vertuo-specific capsules available, the sheer amount of choice is overwhelming. Moreover, whether you’re buying directly from the Nespresso site or via third-party retailers, pods are only available in sleeves of 10, meaning you run the risk of being stuck with bundles of capsules you don’t even like.

This is why we’ve taken the time to put every single one to an Expert Reviews taste test. Coffee can be very subjective, so we’ve tasted everything from classic lungo blends and moody espressos to flavoured coffees and single origin specialities. Not sure which one will suit your taste buds? Don’t worry, we’ll explain which is best for particular types of coffee, and what kind of flavours and strength you can expect from each.

How to but the best Nespresso capsules for you

What sizes can I buy?

All Nespresso capsules come in one size, with the same amount of coffee in each. However, if you’ve already looked online, you’ll have noticed that each capsule has a recommended serving size.

  • Ristretto (25ml) – Smaller and more aromatic than an espresso but with less caffeine
  • Espresso (40ml) – The classic shot we’re all used to with a longer extraction time. Typically more caffeinated than a ristretto, with a deeper flavour.
  • Lungo (110ml) – A ‘stretched’ espresso with more water. This brewing method contains more caffeine than an espresso and often enjoyed with milk.

What types of coffee can I get?

Single origin – A coffee made with only one type of bean from one specific country or region.

Blends – Coffee beans from specific regions and different varietals are blended together to create a distinctive flavour profile that’s unique to each capsule type.

Flavoured coffee – Nespresso also offers flavoured coffee capsules that have just a hint of something sweet like chocolate or caramel. These are made with completely natural flavourings, rather than sweeteners or sugar syrups like you might expect from coffee chains.

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2. Vivalto Lungo: Best lungo Nespresso capsule

Price (per sleeve): £3.70 | amazon-prime-logo.png

3. Fierenzi Arpeggio Decaffeinato: Best Decaf Nespresso capsule

Price (per sleeve): £3.80 | amazon-prime-logo.png