Best soup maker 2021: The top soup makers available to buy from £34

Everyone loves a nice bowl of soup and whether you prefer it chunky or super smooth, the best soup maker will prep perfect soup in no time. If you’re done with watching over a pot for hours on end, our recommended soup makers will revolutionise your preparation process and likely produce some of the best soup you’ve ever had. 

Soup makers take all the hassle out of cooking – simply pop your ingredients into the jug, sear if required, add stock and the soup maker will do the rest. Moreover, if you steer clear of creamy blends and a soup maker makes for a dieter’s dream – you really couldn’t ask for a quicker, easier route towards getting your five-a-day.

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If that sounds like just what you’ve been looking for, it pays to make sure that your soup maker has really earned its place on the worktop. The best soup makers need to be simple to clean and easy enough to operate that you don’t have to pore over an instruction manual every time you’re in the mood for chowder.

Not sure what to look out for? You’ll discover all the key features to look for in our guide below, followed by our picks of the best soup makers.

Best soup makers: At a glance

How to choose the best soup maker for you

What’s the difference between a soup maker and a blender?

While some may resemble blenders where others look a bit more like a kettle, soup makers have a heating element so they can cook soup in around 20 to 30 minutes. These soup makers work differently to blenders that will make soup using the friction of the spinning blades to heat the soup while blending, such as the NutriBullet Rx or Vitamix.

If you’re opting for the latter type, it’s worth noting that you’ll need to avoid certain ingredients that require more prolonged heating/cooking, such as onion, or it may dominate the flavour of the soup. A good rule of thumb is to only use ingredients you’d be happy to eat raw or lightly cooked in a blade-friction soup maker, such as most vegetables, cooked meat and yoghurt. Alternatively, you can sauté ingredients in a pan beforehand.

Soup makers with a heating element may also allow you to sauté food, such as onions or meat, before adding the rest of your ingredients. You can then set the time and temperature (or use a preset programme) and get on with something else. Some will require meat to be cooked beforehand so there may still be some preparation involved. During or after cooking, the maker will blend it to the required consistency.

As blending hot liquids produces steam and can be potentially hazardous, this final step is the reason why soup-making capacity is less than that for blending cold liquids. Your soup maker should have a vented lid or one that locks into place for this reason.

How much should I spend?

A good guide is to consider how much you’d spend on a blender and add a bit on. Basic soup makers can be picked up for around £40, while the more feature-packed models cost up to £140.

What sort of capacity do I need?

A litre of soup is around three servings, so a soup maker that can accommodate over this should make a good batch. If you plan to make a lot of soup, opt for 1.4 litres or more.

What other features should I look for?

The amount of functions tends to correspond to price but a few specific ones will help you get the most of out of your machine.

Preset programmes are ideal for taking the guesswork out of recipes, while a sauté function that enables frying at the start of cooking will result in a more flavourful soup. Blending options allow you to choose your preferred consistency, plus for extra convenience look for an appliance with a “keep warm” function.

For more control, you can find soup makers with pause buttons that allow you to add ingredients, and stir functions so you can prevent ingredients from being overcooked.

For fuss-free soup, look for makers are easily cleaned. Most need to be washed by hand or have a dedicated cleaning programme but a non-stick base, and a glass jug rather than plastic, will make life easier.

The best soup makers to buy from £34

1.Tefal BL841140 Easy Soup: The best affordable soup maker under £100

Price: £69 | Buy now from AO

The Tefal Easy Soup resembles a kettle, with clearly labelled buttons on top and blades extending downwards from the lid, and its compact design means it takes up minimal worktop space. A downfall of this soup maker is that you can’t see your soup as it’s being made and there’s no sauté function, meaning you may need to brown some ingredients in advance.

There’s only one temperature for cooking – 100˚C – and no option to toggle cooking time. However, if ease of use and cleaning is on your wishlist, this appliance can create an endless supply of soup or compote in two clicks and without any mess.

A detachable power cord makes for simple storage, while a self-cleaning programme removes the need for scrubbing.

Key specs – Capacity: 1.2l; Programmes: Smooth, chunky, compote; Functions: 1 blending speed, 40min keep warm, self-cleaning; Power: 1,000W

Buy now from AO 

2. Ninja soup maker and blender: The best soup maker for super-smooth results

Price: £150 | Buy now from Currys

If the thought of a velvety, creamy tomato soup fills your heart with joy, then look no further than the Ninja blender and soup maker. During testing, the Ninja consistently delivered smooth soups, although it took markedly longer to soften chunkier leek and potato varieties due to the slightly weedy heating element.

That heating element can keep soups warm for up to an hour after they finish cooking, however, and that’s not all: the Ninja’s sauté function and manual cooking modes mean you can chuck everything in and leave it to go for hours if you need to, and it can produce jams, frozen drinks and sauces as well.

It’s a bit hefty, sure, but no other soup maker is quite so versatile.

Read our full review of the Ninja soup maker and blender to find out more.

Key specsCapacity: 1.1l; Programmes: Chunky, smoothie, dessert, frozen drinks, jams, sauces, auto clean; Functions: Three blending speeds, saute, manual cook, pulse; Power: 1,000W; Material: Glass and stainless steel jug, plastic base

Buy now from Currys 

3. Salter EK2613 Go Healthy Electric Soup Maker: Best travel soup maker

Price: £34 | Buy now from Amazon

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