Best toaster and kettle set 2022: Coordinate your kitchen with these stylish picks

Having multiple small appliances out on display can make your worktops look crowded and cluttered – especially if they’re a hodgepodge of colour and style. That’s why finding the best kettle and toaster set for your kitchen is such an appealing idea. Not only will they both have the same finish – making it easier to find something that’ll complement your existing décor – all the details, such as control knobs and metallic elements, will match.

However, it’s crucial that in your pursuit of the perfect pair, function doesn’t get overlooked. Features including fast boiling and wide toasting slots are still a must for many, as are adequate kettle capacity and varying levels of browning. We’ve selected the best kettle and toaster sets you can buy for your budget – as well as the functionality you should look for when choosing one. Below, you’ll find our buying guide to help you find the best kettle and toaster set, or you can scroll on for our top picks.

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Best toaster and kettle sets: At a glance

How to choose the best toaster and kettle set for you

What do I need to consider when buying a toaster and kettle set?

Start by choosing a colour and design that suits your kitchen. Matte neutrals are popular as they have the versatility of white or stainless steel, but bring warmth to your overall scheme. However, bolder shades remain a great way to add an accent colour if the rest of your kitchen is simply styled. One of the latest trends is texture, such as soft-touch finishes, which also prevent fingerprint marks or modern geometric designs.

Next, consider the features of both appliances and their capacity. Make sure they’re both a suitable size for daily use – such as a four-slice toaster instead of a two-slice in larger households – and include the functionality you need, such as easy pouring from a kettle, and a defrost option if you often make toast straight from the freezer. If one appliance fits the bill but the other one doesn’t, it may be worth looking at a different range. Don’t buy both just because they match, consider each appliance carefully to make sure it suits your needs, or you may end up replacing one of them further down the line.

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How much should I spend on a toaster and kettle set?

Prices can vary but be aware that kettles and toasters from a design-led range tend to cost more than you’d expect to pay for basic models. Budget at least £30 for each appliance, although high-end models can easily cost £90+ each. Look for bundled appliances to trim your spend – you may find the kettle and toaster sold together for less or with matching accessories.

The best toaster and kettle set to buy

1. Breville Edge Still Hot Kettle VKT192 and Toaster VTT981: The best value set

Price: £70 (both) | Buy now from Amazon

While the Breville Edge kettle and toaster set is brilliant at breakfast time, both appliances lend themselves to being used throughout the day. Its two-slice toaster has a handy “lift and look” lever, so you can check on browning and toasts right to the top of the slice, so you don’t have to flip it upside down to finish. There’s also a high lift, so you don’t burn your fingers getting it out and wide slots – great for lunchtime toasties. In testing, we found that thicker bread can start to burn quite quickly, however, so that’s something to ponder if you prefer a thicker slice.

The kettle features are equally handy. There’s a large, clear water window for filling and as the water boils, the internal LED turns from white to red, indicating how hot it is. Once boiled, it stays red as long as the water is more than 80°C, meaning if you drink your first cuppa quickly, you can make another without reboiling. Another benefit is that the minimum boil is just one cup (250ml), so it’s economical, although the minimum level isn’t indicated on the kettle. It’s quick too – we boiled a litre of cold water in two minutes and 15 seconds. However, there are a couple of downsides, such as no additional choice of colours and the steel finish is prone to fingerprint marks.

Key specs – Kettle size: 23 x 15.1 x 26.5cm (WDH); Toaster size: 29.5 x 19 x 21.6cm (WDH); Kettle capacity: 1.7L; Toaster size(s): Two-slot; Colours available: Stainless steel

Buy now from Amazon

2. Kenwood Elegancy Kettle ZJP11.A0 and TFP10.A0 Toaster: The best kettle and toaster set for families

Price: £130 (both) | Buy now from Currys

With fluted detailing and covetable muted colours that are an homage to the tradition of afternoon tea and British ceramics, Kenwood’s Elegancy kettle and toaster is a brilliant blend of stylish and practical. Its sleek toaster is a case in point: it’s equipped with four generously sized slots, a defrost function and also a reheat option tucked at one end of the browning dial – ideal if breakfast is delayed. The glossy finish doesn’t show fingerprints either, making it perfect for a low maintenance kitchen. In testing, toasting was beautifully even on both sides, and the high-lift function was great for getting slices out without burning our fingers. The only feature we’d like to see added would be a lift and look, to keep an eye on progress.

The kettle is just as good looking, with a handle that’s easy to grip and a light-up lever to show when it’s boiling. It’s also surprisingly light to carry around, so less of a struggle when full. A good-sized water window with multiple markings in litres means it’s simple to boil only as much water as required, while the minimum boil, though not marked, is an economical 250ml. In our tests, it performed well, boiling a litre of cold water in two minutes and 15 seconds.

Key specs – Kettle size: 18 x 23 x 25cm (WDH); Toaster size: 29 x 27 x 19cm (WDH); Kettle capacity: 1.7L; Toaster size(s): Four-slice; Colours available: Five: Clotted Cream, Earl Grey, Black Treacle, Sage Green, Mulberry

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