Bravely Default 2: Every job in the game and how to unlock them

A lot of the fun in Bravely Default 2 comes from the game’s extensive job system. Every boss has an Asterisk, and beating them will allow you to take that Asterisk and get a new job. In this Bravely Default 2 jobs and abilities guide, we’ll walk you through all the jobs in the game, the best job and subjob combos, and a few tips for grinding Job Points (JP).

Each job gives you access to a new list of abilities as well as different weapon prophecies and base stats. Building your party requires more than throwing a couple of jobs together and hoping for the best, so make sure to carefully consider what each job is good at when building your lineup.

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How to unlock every job in Bravely Default 2

You’ll unlock most of the jobs in Bravely Default 2 by simply playing the game. There are 24 jobs in total, and you’ll only miss three of them if you stick to the main storyline and ignore side content. Two of those come from easy side quests in Chapter 1 and Chapter 3, while the last job only becomes available after you beat the game once.

We won’t mention specific boss names or reference story events, but there may be minor spoilers below.


The Prologue introduces you to all the key jobs you need for the rest of your play-through. The Black Mage and White Mage jobs will likely follow you until at least Chapter 3, and the Monk job is useful throughout the game. Make sure to start leveling up the Freelancer job early so you can unlock JP-boosting passive skills.

  • Freelancer
    • How to unlock: You’ll unlock the Freelancer job by starting the game.
    • Description: The most basic job in Bravely Default 2, Freelancers specialize in nothing. However, the job has some useful JP-boosting skills and comes with Examine, allowing you to fill out the Lore Book and discover enemy weaknesses.
  • Black Mage
    • How to unlock: You’ll unlock the Black Mage job automatically after your party joins you at the beginning of the game.
    • Description: The Black Mage job comes with a small range of elemental magic with various intensities. You get fire, water, and lightning magic, allowing you to hit most weaknesses early in the game.
  • White Mage
    • How to unlock: You’ll unlock the White Mage job automatically after your party joins you at the beginning of the game.
    • Description: White Mages heal and support the party, and you’ll probably have one in your party for the majority of Bravely Default 2. Raise and Arise give you ways to revive allies without spending a Phoenix Down, and the various healing spells are essential for making it through most battles.
  • Vanguard
    • How to unlock: You’ll unlock the Vanguard job automatically after your party joins you at the beginning of the game.
    • Description: The Vanguard job is a basic damage-dealing job, focusing on high HP and physical attack stats. It’s a powerful job on its own, but you’ll want to round out your Vanguard with another job. Berserker and Beastmaster are good early-game pairings.
  • Monk
    • How to unlock: Beat Horten, the second and final boss of the Prologue.
    • Description: The Monk job is all about using your HP as a resource. Early on, Qiwong Wave is useful for sneaking in some damage while an enemy is defaulting, and Focal Blast can one-shot most enemies if you have the MP to spare. Otherwise, the Monk job pairs well with any job with high HP and defense stats, such as Shieldmaster and Vanguard.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 rounds out the basic lineup introduced in the Prologue. The Thief job is the most important, so make sure to level it up quickly. Otherwise, Chapter 1 brings the game’s first optional job, which you can pick up at any point during the chapter.

  • Bard
    • How to unlock: Beat the first boss of Chapter 1.
    • Description: Bards use songs to buff party members and debuff enemies. It’s a good idea to open a battle with Don’t Let ‘Em Get to You or Don’t Let ‘Em Trick You depending on if you need to buff your physical or magical defense. Otherwise, Close Those Tired Eyes can put a target to sleep. There are a few key Bard skills that you’ll want to pair with your healer, particularly those that raise defense.
  • Beastmaster
    • How to unlock: Beat the second boss of Chapter 1.
    • Description: The Beastmaster job should be familiar to JRPG fans, just like the previous ones. Beastmasters capture and release monsters. Having a leveled-up Beastmaster early can help a lot, especially if you can capture monsters that deal damage a boss is weak against. Most monsters deal far more damage than you can early, and you can push that even further when targeting a weakness. For skills, there isn’t much outside of capturing and unleashing monsters. Muzzle is useful occasionally, though, allowing you to silence an enemy.
  • Thief
    • How to unlock: Beat the third boss of Chapter 1.
    • Description: The Thief job is focused on quick physical attacks and stealing items. It’s a little unexciting, but you’ll probably keep a Thief in your party for the majority of your playthrough, and that’s because of one key skill: Godspeed Strike. It deals massive damage and even more if you can buff your speed stat. Otherwise, stealing gives you something do other than defaulting, and the job comes with a couple of physical attacks for stealing HP or MP.
  • Berserker
    • How to unlock: Beat the fourth boss of Chapter 1.
    • Description: Berserkers trade speed for damage, focusing on powerful physical attacks. Shell Split and Scale Strip are useful for getting in some damage while lowering physical or magical defense, while Crescent Moon and Level Slash give you a way to deal damage to multiple opponents at once. Consider pairing the Berserker job with any damage-focused job, such as Vanguard or Swordmaster.
  • Gambler (optional)
    • How to unlock: Complete the quest Taking a Gamble from the Gambling Hall in Savalon.
    • Description: The Gambler job is the first optional job in Bravely Default 2, and it’s a fun one. Instead of HP or MP, most of the Gambler skills use money. Most have an element of RNG, too, forcing you to spin a wheel that could buff whatever skill you’re using. The Gambler job is high risk, high reward, with a list of abilities that covers everything from massive physical damage to reviving fallen allies. Consider leveling a Gambler early.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 is all about specialization. Here, you’ll finally have access to wind and stone magic and powerful debuffs.

  • Red Mage
    • How to unlock: Beat the first boss of Chapter 2.
    • Description: The Red Mage job sits between the White Mage and Black Mage jobs, balancing offensive and defensive magic. We highly recommend training your Black Mage as a Red Mage once you’ve unlocked all the Black Mage skills. Black Mages deal fire, lightning, and water magic. The Red Mage job rounds that out with stone and wind magic, and it includes several healing spells to take some heat off of your healer.
  • Ranger
    • How to unlock: Beat the second boss of Chapter 2.
    • Description: Despite the name, the Ranger job isn’t focused on ranged attacks (range doesn’t really matter in a turn-based RPG, after all). Instead, the Ranger job comes with a list of physical attacks that are effective against different families of monsters. Most players will find Ranger skills useful with nearly any build.
  • Shieldmaster
    • How to unlock: Beat the third boss of Chapter 2.
    • Description: The Shieldmaster job comes with a huge HP buff and a range of skills that allow you to redirect damage. Reprisal and Bodyguard are a solid combo, redirecting damage to your Shieldmaster and forcing the attacker to take 5o% of that damage back. Otherwise, The Gift of Wisdom is an excellent skill for topping off the MP of your mages without using elixirs. Any high-HP, damage-dealing job makes a good pairing with Shieldmaster. Consider Swordmaster, Berserker, or Vanguard.
  • Pictomancer
    • How to unlock: Beat the fourth and final boss of Chapter 2.
    • Description: The Pictomancer job focuses on debuffs that can control the battlefield over time. That includes reducing physical and magical attack, restorative power, and physical and magical defense. Later job levels award light and dark magical attacks, too, allowing you to target some enemy weaknesses. Consider pairing the Pictomancer job with one of your magic users (healer or Black Mage). It also pairs nicely with the Ranger job if you’re looking for a more flexible build.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 brings a few more flexible jobs, allowing you to replace the White Mage and Black Mage jobs you’ve likely been using up to this point. Like Chapter 1, there’s an optional job that you can pick up at any point during Chapter 3.

  • Dragoon
    • How to unlock: Defeat the first boss of Chapter 3.
    • Description: The Dragoon job comes with a range of physical attacks that work well with spears. Outside of those attacks (a few of whic

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