DioField Chronicle: best skills for each class

Tactical RPGs are quite a unique genre of game. In the case of DioField Chronicle, you will be forced to manage multiple units in real-time combat across large battlefields, somewhat like an RTS, but also micromanage each character’s builds like a JRPG. On the surface, this can make the genre seem unapproachable to those who have never attempted a game like it before, but after getting over the initial learning curve, they are some of the most rewarding games for those with a tactical mind.

While being a brilliant tactician is essential, you also need to have the units to back up your brilliant strategies. There are four different classes your characters will fall into: Cavaliers, Soldiers, Sharpshooters, and Magickers. Each one has its own set of skills to purchase and use in combat. However, there are more skills than you’ll have points to purchase, leading to some tough choices. Rather than waste your upgrades, here are the best skills you should unlock for each class in DioField Chronicle.

See more Best Cavalier skills Two groups of soldiers meeting on a bridge.

The Cavalier skills can be broken down into either the lance or claw skills, depending on which weapon that unit is using.

Best lance skills

Vicious Swing: This skill deals damage in an area as well as repositions them in front of your unit. This is a very cheap skill that deals a massive amount of damage for the cost, plus it has the ability to hit multiple targets at once. It is also perfect for crowd control as it sets up the enemy for an easy follow-up with an AoE ability.

Full Frontal Assault: This skill lets you set a target location for your unit to move to, but they will deal damage to every enemy in their path on their way. This one also costs very little to use, can deal a lot of damage if you line up a bunch of enemies in the path, and can be used safely if you plan your path so your unit ends up in an advantageous position.

Best claw skills

Flame Assault: Much like Full Frontal Assault, this skill is another mobility skill that sends your unit to a location while hitting anything in their way. However, the difference with this skill is the unit will also leave a trail of fire behind them. This is good for all the same reasons as Full Frontal Assault, plus the bonus of causing burn damage and leaving a lingering hazard for the enemy in your wake.

Cyclone: This is a slightly more costly skill and has a long cooldown, but it packs a serious punch. It’s a simple AoE attack, but it’s strong and can hit any enemy that wanders into it. This is a perfect move to hit any clumped-up enemies with, and a direct hit will always inflict Stun when you upgrade it.

Best Soldier skills The DioField Chronicle's 3D cutscenes

Soldier skills are tied to the dagger, sword and shield, or axes.

Best dagger skills

Assassination: This move is perfect if you’re familiar with the concept of last hitting from MOBAs. This is a strong attack on a single target, but the catch is that if this move is the killing blow, the cooldown is completely eliminated, allowing you to chain multiple triggers together (as long as you have the points to spend).

Shadow Step: This move will have you saying, “Nothing personal, kid,” each time you use it. It has your unit teleport behind your target and strikes them in the back, dealing bonus ambush damage. It will also deal even more damage if the target has any debuffs on it.

Best sword and shield skills

Phantom Sword: A simple move, but never one to overlook. This attack hits hard on its own but has two main benefits. The first is that whatever target you hit with it will be inflicted with Weakness, and the second is that it deals even more damage to Cavalier enemy units.

Shield Bash: While not the most powerful in terms of raw damage, this skill’s special property is what makes it so valuable. Any enemy you hit using it will be inflicted with Stun, thus canceling any attack they may be in the process of using, as well as preventing them from moving for a time. This makes it a perfect way to stay on the offensive while avoiding damage.

Best axe skills

Axe of Grace: Almost like a paladin, this skill doubles as an attack and a heal since the damage you deal with it is also converted back into HP for your unit. The only thing to keep in mind is that it also causes Provoke, meaning that unit, assuming it survives, will fully focus on that unit after being hit.

Heavy Smash: Almost opposite to Axe of Grace, Heavy Smash is an AoE attack that deals more damage the lower your unit’s health is when used. After the initial attack, you do also reposition to the unit of your choice, allowing you to at least position yourself in a better spot afterward if low on HP.

Best Sharpshooter skills The DioField Chronicle battles

Sharpshooters are your ranged units packing either bows or firearms.

Best bow skills

Stun Shot: This skill is about as simple as they come, but again, it’s almost always useful. Just target an enemy unit and deal some damage, but also cause Stun. Because of your range, this makes it a perfect tool to keep in your back pocket to whip out whenever an enemy starts winding up a big attack.

Concentrated Volley: A little more situational, but even if not used in ideal situations, it is still a very powerful skill for Sharpshooters. This is another targeted attack that will deal extra damage to enemy Magicker units. Nothing else fancy about it.

Best firearm skills

Chaos Cluster: This skill is a bit random, but that’s all part of the fun. Your unit will take a shot at an enemy and have a 30% chance of inflicting them with Burn, Stun, Delay, or Poison. Each one has that 30% chance of triggering, not just a 30% chance to get one, so there’s a chance you can rack up multiple … but also none. If you feel lucky, this one can be a lot of fun.

Chain Shot: For an AoE skill, Chain Shot is just too satisfying to ignore. You will take a shot that bounces from target to target, hitting every enemy within the AoE and inflicting Weakness on every unit hit. This makes it an awesome opener to soften up a squad as you begin a skirmish.

Best Magicker skills A dragon breathing fire on enemies.

Magickers, as you might guess, cast their spells using either wands or staffs.

Best wand skills

Sanctuary: Healing skills aren’t the most exciting but are absolutely necessary for your team, and Sanctuary is probably the best there is. It creates a zone that, so long as your friendly units are standing in it, will regain HP over time. This can be a great buff to keep your units healthy during drawn-out battles in tighter spaces.

Lightning Rod: For something a bit more fun, Lighting Rod is a simple and easy skill to use in nearly every situation. Using it summons a rod that will shoot out lightning every so often in a specified area, dealing damage and potentially stunning enemies. It isn’t a lot of damage, but if you set it up and just let it whittle away at enemies while you fight, it can add up, plus it might save you some damage if it triggers a stun.

Best staff skills

Magical Force: This is the Magicker’s equivalent to the Sharpshooter’s Concentrated Volley skill. It will blast an area with damage to the enemy inside, but this time, it hits Soldier units harder. Soldiers are quite common, so this is great to soften up or clean up a group in a hurry.

Pandemic: Don’t get turned off by the name. Pandemic is an essential skill to have if your team is built around inflicting any kind of status ailments on your enemies. It targets an area and, aside from dealing some damage, will check if any unit hit has a status on them. If they do, that status is given to every other unit in the area, essentially turning it into an AoE status spell. Use it as a follow-up to a Stun, for example, and all of a sudden, an entire enemy group will be unable to act.

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