Dyson’s V11 Outsize is finally coming to the UK

Dyson is finally bringing its high-end V11 Outsize cordless vacuum to the UK. Joining the ranks of the Dyson V11 range, the V11 Outsize is the firm’s way of proving it can cater to any size home; with a larger cleaning head and a bigger bin, this is a hefty vacuum built with heavy-duty cleaning in mind.

Compared with the Dyson V11, the V11 Outsize offers a few advantages. First and foremost of these is that huge dustbin: it’s a notable 150% bigger than that of the regular V11, with a maximum capacity of 1.9 litres and the same point-and-shoot emptying mechanism found on other Dyson vacuums. 

Then there’s the vacuum head, which is 25% wider than the one found on the Absolute. This measures 32cm in width and still incorporates all the same floor sensors to make small adjustments to suction power and brush speed when you begin cleaning a different kind of surface.

Other changes are a little more difficult to see. Dyson claims the V11 Outsize offers 20% more suction power than the Dyson Cyclone V10 courtesy of an improved motor. If you look closely at the motor unit, you’ll find four more Dyson “cyclones” than the V11, bringing the total to 18.

Like the rest of the V11 range, the Outsize sports a small top-mounted display that shows battery life and the selected power mode. It’ll last for around one hour on a single charge, like the rest of the V11 range, but it will do so at a more powerful, more efficient suction level.

The V11 Outsize has been available in the US since mid-2020 and is coming to the UK on 20 January 2021. It’s available in two colours – nickel and red – and will set you back a princely £650, making it £50 more expensive than the V11 Absolute and £100 more than the standard V11. You can find out more at Dyson’s official site.

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