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Google just made some HUGE announcements about your favorite Google products, including Google Classroom and officially Google Workspace for Education (and other updates you need to know!)renaming G Suite as Google Workspace for Education.

I’m breaking it all down so you understand what’s coming, and how it affects you and your students.

During “Learning with Google,” a free online learning event for educators, Google shared a lot of updates to our favorite Google products.

We have updates to Google Classroom, Google Meet, Chromebooks, and even Google Forms!

Some of these updates are here, and many are coming later in 2021.

Details are in the podcast and the blog post below.

Google Workspace for Education (and other updates you need to know!) #GoogleEdu

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Thank you to Rose Ann Behson, a graduate of the Google Certified Educator Level 1 Academy for sharing this testimonial:

“Passed 1st time with time to spare! Thanks so much! I felt totally prepared after this course. Now on to Level 2….I already purchased the training! 😊

Learn more:

Quick Tip (Mute ALL in Google Meet)

Did you know you can mute ALL the participants in your Google Meet?

Watch this quick video to learn how!

Google Workspace for Education (and other updates you need to know!)

G Suite for Education is now officially Google Workspace for Education. (I wish they would quit renaming it!)

What is Google Workspace for Education?

I have a Google Doc that outlines the basics of what Google Workspace for Education is, what it includes, and more.

CLICK HERE to make a copy of “What is Google Workspace for Education?”

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Google Workspace for Education is available in many different editions, including free and paid options.

  • Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals: a suite of tools that can help you increase opportunities for critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity, all while supporting the learning objectives that you have for your students. These tools are free, ad-free, reliable, and secure. They are already used by millions of students in schools around the world. Of course, free is great, but the best thing is that these tools are relevant to students, easy to use, and open doors to many new ways to learn.
  • Google Workspace for Education Standard: a paid upgrade that includes everything in Education Fundamentals plus advanced security and analytics.
  • Teaching and Learning Upgrade: a paid upgrade that includes everything in Education Fundamentals plus advanced video communication, enriched class experiences, and tools to drive academy integrity.
  • Google Workspace for Education Plus (formerly G Suite for Education Enterprise): a paid upgrade that includes everything in Education Fundamentals plus advanced security and analytics, enhanced teaching tools, and more.

Learn more about what’s included in each edition here.  

Changes to Google Drive Storage

Unlimited storage is going away. The new storage model will provide schools and universities with a baseline of 100TB of pooled cloud storage shared across all of your users. This policy will go into effect across all Google Workspace for Education editions for existing customers in July 2022 and will be effective for new customers signing up in 2022

Files created or edited in collaborative content creation apps like Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms and Jamboard. 

  • Only files created or edited after June 1, 2021 will count against your quota. 
  • Files uploaded or last edited before June 1, 2021 will not count against your quota. 

Learn more about storage here.

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Google Classroom Updates

Google Classroom was originally built to simplify blended learning, but it has now become a more robust learning management system. Below are the details on the Google Classroom updates coming in 2021.

It’s important to note that most of these updates are based on feedback from teachers like you!

  • Add-Ons (available soon): Soon, for teachers using Google Workspace for Education Plus or Teaching and Learning Upgrade, Classroom add-ons will let them choose their favorite EdTech tools and content from a marketplace and assign it to students directly inside Classroom — all without extra log-ins. Admins will also be able to install add-ons for teachers in their domains.

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  • Track student engagement (coming later this year): To give teachers visibility into which students are engaged and which are falling behind, Google is launching student engagement tracking. Educators will be able to see relevant stats about how students interact with Classroom, such as which students submitted an assignment or commented on a post on a particular day.
  • Offline (coming later this year): Google is updating the Classroom Android app to work offline or with intermittent connections. Students will be able to start their work offline, review assignments, open Drive attachments, and write assignments in Google Docs — all without an internet connection.
  • Submit better pictures of homework (coming later this year): With an increase in the number of images uploaded to Classroom — especially from students taking photos of paper assignments, Google is making it easier to attach and submit photos in the Classroom Android app and for teachers to review. Students will be able to combine photos into a single document, crop or rotate images, and adjust the lighting.
  • Improved grading on mobile (coming later this year): More teachers are using mobile devices to give feedback on the go. Google is improving how you use Classroom to grade on Android, including the ability to switch between student submissions, grade while viewing an assignment, and share feedback.
  • Rich text formatting (coming soon): Teachers and students (on web, iOS and Android) will soon be able to customize Classroom assignments and posts using rich text formatting — including bold, italics, underline and bullets.