Halo Infinite: All audio log locations

Halo lore has become so much larger than just the games. Even after just the first entry, Halo: Combat Evolved, the universe was expanded into multiple books, comics, and other media that expanded upon the deep lore the games only scratched the surface of. Even ignoring all that extra content, Halo Infinite is technically the sixth mainline game starring Master Chief, plus there’s Halo: Reach, and the two Halo Wars games that also factor into the story. If you haven’t kept up, jumping into Halo Infinite can be a little rough.

To help give context to all the new fans, or old fans who aren’t diving deep into the expanded Halo universe, Halo Infinite has tucked away a series of audio logs to help give context for what exactly is happening in the game. These logs are recorded by all the major factions in the game, including the UNSC, the Banished, and even other Spartans. There are dozens to find and are all worth listening to, which makes it that much more frustrating that they aren’t identified on your map. To get the whole picture of what’s really happening on Zeta Halo in Halo Infinite, follow along to see every audio log location in the game.

Note: Some audio logs are only accessible during specific story missions. Right now, there is no way to replay any campaign mission without starting the entire game over, so make sure you collect them as you go to avoid having to replay the entire game over.

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All audio logs in Warship Gbrakkon

Starting off in the first mission, we may as well start with the UNSC Recovered Files 01 log, which is automatically given to you as you go through the level, so no need to worry about hunting this one down.

Evacuation 01: This is the first Spartan log and is missable. It will be in the room you enter after riding the first elevator. It will be straight ahead on a stack of boxes against the wall.

Escharum’s Testimony 01: The next log belongs to the Banished. Go forward until you reach the ship’s bridge where you will get a little exposition from Escharum. On the right-hand side of the room is the door from where you entered is the glowing orange log beside a weapon rack and door.

All audio logs in Foundation

Like the first mission, one the UNSC The Question audio log is received during a cutscene in this mission and can’t be missed.

Escharum’s Testimony 02: During the mission, you will have The Weapon turn on a second light bridge in a large room full of enemy forces with the objective being “Reach the Surface.” Clear them out and follow the objective marker to a door. The glowing log is just to the left of it on a small box.

UNSC Prisoner 01: As you’re getting to the end of this mission you will have the objective to use a power seed to activate an elevator. The marker will lead you to the power seed, but before you grab it, take a peak to the left for the very obvious glow of this audio log.

All audio logs in Outpost Tremonious

The final mission where you have the chance to miss audio logs is Outpost Tremonious.

Outpost Intel 15: A Banished audio log, this is the first one you can get once you finally make it to the surface of Zeta Halo. Simply follow the main path as soon as you arrive. There will be a cliff face on your right with a pile of red equipment boxes just before you would go under a bridge. The audio log is leaning against the larger containers up against the rocks.

All Zeta Halo UNSC audio logs

We’ll start by mentioning that all 4 of the UNSC Recovered Files are in the main missions, Warship Gbraakon, Foundation, Nexus, and Repository respectively, but are also automatically obtained and don’t need to be sought out.

Infinity’s Approach logs

Infinity’s Approach 01: Pop open your map and, if you haven’t already, go claim FOB Golf. Once you’ve secured this base for yourself, look to the left of where you hit the capture point. Along the rim of the platform is a sandbag barricade with the audio log right there.

Infinity’s Approach 02: Now at FOB Foxtrot, from the terminal that you access to call vehicles, peek over to your right. Near a big container with the UNSC logo on it is the little glowing audio log.

Infinity’s Approach 03: Head over to FOB Echo and, again from the terminal, simply turn left. Right next to you is a yellow container with the log right on top.

Infinity’s Approach 04: Moving on to FOB Charlie now, get back to the terminal. You barely even need to turn to see this log propped up on the nearby container.

Infinity’s Approach 05: FOB Bravo is your next destination. Just like the first in this series, it is leaning up against some sandbags on the platform’s rim.

Infinity’s Approach 06: Back to FOB Alpha, this one is across the main platform from the terminal. Way on the other end is some more shipping containers, as well as the familiar glow of an audio log.

Infinity’s Approach 07: While hanging out at FOB Delta, you can grab the log just to the right of the terminal next to a yellow and grey box.

Infinity’s Approach 08: Hit up FOB Lima and take a left while facing the terminal. There’s another big yellow and grey crate, and maybe some tires depending on the battle, but always an audio log beside a small makeshift bed.

Infinity’s Approach 09: FOB November is hiding this audio log on a box left near the antenna along the side.

Infinity’s Approach 10: You’ll find this log at FOB Kila. While facing the terminal, go across the platform and to the far right corner of the area, or northeast by compass.

Infinity’s Approach 11: FOB Juliet has the penultimate log of this series, yet again, leaning on a yellow and grey box just to the right of the terminal.

Infinity’s Approach 12: The final log in this set is on FOB Hotel. Go straight forward from the terminal to the edge and grab it among some supplies and weapon crates.

The Prisoner logs

We already covered The Prisoner 01 in the Foundation mission so will continue from there.

The Prisoner 02: Inside The Tower, you will find Griffin’s armor and get the ability to use the Threat Sensor. Once this happens, turn to your right and go up a ramp to the second floor. The log is behind one of the pillars on the right side of this room, which you can spot by an ammo crate holding Kinetic ammo.

The Prisoner 03: While tackling the mission Excavation Site you will enter the main building. Follow the western wall and you will come across a small cache of supplies, including a rocket launcher and this audio log.

The Prisoner 04: Outside of the Spire, go to the western side of the building where you will find the remains of a crashed and destroyed warthog, as well as a Spartan Core. The audio log is right beside the corpse of the vehicle.

The Prisoner 05: During the mission Nexus, you will eventually be forced to enter the Command Spire. Once inside, you will come to a room requiring three Power Seeds to power up an elevator. Take the central door first, or last since you need to get the Power Seed from each of them eventually, but make sure to get the audio log on the ground to the left of a weapon rack.

The Prisoner 06: Jumping forward to the mission Repository, you once again find yourself blocked by a powered down elevator needing Power Seeds. Thankfully it’s only two this time. Hit the terminal at the top and watch a fairly long cutscene before you’re beset by a squad of enemies. Once you’ve cleaned them up, take the left door they came through and follow the route along to a room with a hologram of Zeta Halo displayed. The log is resting on the table.

The Prisoner 07: Our last log for the prisoner set is, appropriately enough, found in the House of Reckoning mission. You will eventually come to a training battleground built in the middle of a room. The last log is hidden to the side of the ramp leading up to the fake UNSC base.

Outpost Intel

Outpost Intel 01: To the northeast of the location Armory of Reckoning, you will find a little narrow path you can take through the mountain. Along this path is a crashed UNSC pod with the log laying among the wreckage.

Outpost Intel 02: While you’re near the Armory of Reckoning, go northwest of this location towards the nearby Banished building. Pushed up against the rocks is a husk of a warthog with the audio log being the last thing in the back.

Outpost Intel 03: From the Horn of Abolition location, look for the cliff to the southeast and use your grapple to make your way to the top. There’s a small campsite near the top and the audio log waiting on the bed.

Outpost Intel 04: Now going north from the Horn of Abolition, follow the road and pay close attention to the right side. You’re looking for a rock below a tree with a pistol and the audio log on it, which thankfully glows to help you spot it.

Outpost Intel 05: The first of two at the Forge of Teash is to the northeast near the cliff. Use your g

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