Here are All of Mark Cuban’s Shark Tank Deals. Spoiler Alert: There are a Lot of Them

Mark Cuban’s Shark Tank Investments

With over 10 seasons on the air, ABC’s Shark Tank has been a hugely popular show that gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to land capital from 6 successful investors.  One of the most successful of these investors is Mark Cuban.  His career began when he launched a company, MicroSolutions, which specialized in system integration and software reselling. He would later sell the company for $6 million to H&R Block and use the funds to launch his next company,

In 1999 Cuban became a billionaire when Yahoo acquired for $5.7 billion in stock. Part of the agreement was that he should hold the Yahoo stock for a period of six months. Immediately after the agreement expired, Cuban unloaded all of the Yahoo stock for about the same price it was six months prior which was $163. This move instantly netted him $2 billion in cash. The move turned out to be a masterstroke as Yahoo’s stock slid 95% over the next year and a half.  The decision is considered one of the best business decisions of all time.

Cuban is also known as the owner of the NBA’s  Dallas Mavericks.  He is also currently the owner of HDNet movies. He also co-owns Magnolia Home Video and Magnolia Pictures as well as the Landmark Theatre Chain.

If you’re a fan of Mark Cuban and Shark Tank, you’ve probably wondered which investments Cuban currently holds in his investment portfolio.  In this article, we’ll list all of Mark Cuban’s Shark Tank deals.


Deal: $501,000 for 18% equity

Truffle Shuffle is a company that offers unique cooking experiences. The majority of their business model revolves around hosting virtual cooking experiences where members can cook alongside their chef instructors.


Deal: $50,000 for 25% equity

IceBeanie is a beanie that can be worn to help with several different types of heads. The product uses compression cold therapy to reduce pain and inflammation while providing cooling relief from migraines, headaches, and concussions.


Deal: $500,000 For 25% equity

Dino Don, Inc, is a company that specializes in creating robotic dinosaurs and other animals for large public exhibitions. They created the most scientifically accurate dinosaurs up to 110 feet in length that appear in zoos and museums across the U.S. and Europe.

Pan’s Mushroom Jerky

Deal: $300,000 For 18% equity

Pan’s Mushroom Jerky is a soy-free, gluten-free, and plant-based snack made of shiitake mushrooms. The product is based on founder Michael Pan’s family recipe. Pan’s can be currently found in over 900 stores around the U.S. This was such a great pitch on the Tank that the Sharks ended up fighting over the product. Cuban eventually came out on top.

Grouphug Solar

Deal: $150,000 For 25% equity

Grouphug solar primarily makes a window-hanging solar panel for charging your electronic devices. 

Coconut Girl

Deal: $180,000 For 20% equity

This company produces coconut milk desserts that are aimed to be a healthier alternative to ice cream. Their products use dates as sweeteners as a replacement for cane sugars.


Deal: $900,000 for 30% equity shared with Maria Sharapova

Bala develops fashion-forward fitness products that are designed to enhance workouts. The brand focuses on design and ease of use. One of their most popular products is their Bala Bangles which are wrist weights with a unique fit and look.

Ready Set Food

Deal: $350,000 For 10% equity

Ready, Set, Food! is a daily supplement that gently introduces your baby to peanut, egg, and milk, the three most common childhood food allergens. Their products are designed to start with babies 4-11 months of age, and continue for 6 months or until the baby is eating these foods regularly in their diet.

Wanna Date?

Deal: $100,000 For 33% equity

WANNA DATE? Specializes in making premium flavored spreads made from dates. They also make cookie dough products that are sugar-free.


This service offers its customers an opportunity to lower their monthly bills. Bill Shark is designed to help lower bills such as TV, wireless, internet, and satellite radio. They also help cancel just about any subscription that you have that you no longer want or need.

Mrs. Goldfarb’s Unreal Deli

Deal: $250,000 For 20% equity

Mrs. Goldfarb’s Unreal deli makes plant-based deli meats. They have physical locations but their products can also be found in grocery stores around the U.S.


Deal: $250,000 For 5% Equity And 5% Advisory Shares

Snacklins are a crunchy low-calorie treat. These snacks have very few ingredients and are mostly made of yuca, mushrooms, and onions.


Deal: $600,000 For 9% equity

Customers using Eterneva can now turn their loved one’s ashes or hair into a diamond that can be used in jewelry. Eterneva has created a process that simulates the heat, pressure, time, and carbon needed to form a diamond. 


Deal-$250,000 For 15% equity

Fat Shack serves Burgers, Wings, and Fat Sandwiches. Open for lunch, dinner, and late-night with locations in Colorado, Tennessee, Washington, Texas & Kansas. 


Deal-$100,000 For 33% equity

Pick-up Pools manufactures products that convert pickup truck beds into pools. This product is ideal for tailgate parties, music festivals, camping, or at home. 


Deal: $550,000 For 10% equity

Wild Earth develops plant-based food for dogs. 


Deal: $80,000 For 40% equity split with Alli Webb

This product is basically like a portable locker room. It allows you to take showers after outdoor events such as going to the beach, camping, or hiking. The toga gives its users privacy while they clean themselves off and it also doubles as a bag you can carry dirty clothes in.


Deal: $225,000 For 25% equity split with Daymond John

Twist It Up is a unique comb with a stainless steel woven pattern that makes it easy to twist up Afrocentric hair. The comb’s design ensures to not only twist hair, but leave it hydrated and healthy.


Deal: $550,000 For 25% equity

This company produces protective shelter products. These shelters and shelter beds are designed to offer protection to individuals and families from hurricanes, home invasions, and nighttime tornado protection.


Deal: $100,000 For 20% split with Matt Higgins, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner

Cup board pro is an eco-friendly reversible board equipped with a detachable tray that hangs over the counter’s edge.

Hugo’s Amazing Tape 

Deal: $100,000 for 100% of of the company (split with Lori Greiner)

This product is a no adhesive, self-clinging transparent tape that you can use for almost anything from arts and crafts for wrapping around spools of thread to jumbling cable cords for household use. 

Sisters Kathryn Saltsburg and Lauri Frasier pull at the heartstrings of the Sharks by telling them that Hugo’s Amazing Tape

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