Here Are the Net Worths of the Investors on Shark Tank

(Updated for 202)

Have you ever wondered how the entrepreneurs on ABC’s Shark Tank are able to consistently invest in the startups that enter the tank?  Well, apparently, they have money to burn.

Here, we are going to count down the richest sharks in the tank.  As a special bonus, we’ve included some guest sharks in our list.

Troy Carter Net Worth

Carter is the founder, chairman and CEO of Atom Factory, a talent management and full-service film and television production company.  He is best know for helping acts such as Lady gaga and the rapper Eve, reach stardom.  Born in Philadelphia, he has also managed acts such as John Legend and Nelly.

He made a guest appearance on Shark Tank during the 7th season.  Carter is no stranger to funding startups.  He created AF Square, an angel fund and technology consultancy with investments in over 40 startups including Spotify,  Songza, Dropbox, and Uber.  He also created A IDEA which is a branding and product development agency.

#14 Barbara Corcoran-$80 million

Barbara Corcoran Net Worth

Barbara Corcoran is an American businesswoman, consultant, author, investor and television personality with a net worth of $80 million. After graduating and holding several jobs, she started The Corcoran Group, a real estate business, in 1973.

Soon after, she was publishing news on New York City’s real estate data trends in The Corcoran Report. In 2001 her real estate company was purchased by the real estate giant NRT Incorporated for $66 million. Corcoran has featured on numerous television shows and also written several books.

#13 Lori Greiner- $100 Million

Lori_Greiner Net Worth

A native of Chicago, Lori Greiner was already working for the Chicago Tribune while still in college. After a short stint as a writer, she entered the consumer products arena. She designed a plastic organizer that could organize at least 100 earrings in the mid 90’s, while also writing plays on the side.

This earring organizer went on to make sales of over $1 million dollars within a single year and instantly sold out on the Home Shopping Network. She has since gone on to develop hundreds of products for men and women and is a holder of 108 patents both in the US and abroad for her accessory, organization and kitchen products.

#12 Robert Herjavec-$100 million

Robert Net Worth

Robert Herjavec is the best illustration that with hard work, nothing is impossible. He immigrated to Canada from Croatia as a young boy. His dream was born from the pain of learning that his mother, who could barely speak English, had lost all the family savings to a vacuum salesman. He vowed to never allow his family to be taken advantage of again.

In 1990, he launched a technology company, BRACK Systems which he would then sell to AT&T for $100 million in 2000. He was also instrumental in the sale of RAMP Network to Nokia Corporation for $225 million.

Today Robert Herjavec heads The Herjavec Group, a security software firm and spends a lot of time at his privately owned island in Miami.

#11 Ashton Kutcher (Guest Season 7 & 8)-$200,000 million

Known for playing the childish and dimwitted Kelso on the hit Fox sitcom That 70s Show, Ashton Kutcher has found greater success as a venture capitalist.  Kutcher started his entertainment career as a model appearing in ads for Calvin Klein.  He went on to star in numerous movies and television shows including MTV’s Punk’d a widely popular program where Kutcher produced and hosted.

He co-founded the investment firm A-Grade Investments in 2010.  This was where he proved that he was more than just an actor.  For example, Kutcher and A-Grade invested $500,000 into Uber in 2011.  Uber is currently valued at over $48 billion.   A-Grade has also invested in companies such as Airbnb, Flipboard, and  In 2016 it was reported that the company was able to turn a $30 million investment  into $250 million.

#10 Daymond John-$250 million

Daymond John Net Worth

Daymond John mainly specializes in urban fashion and sportswear. He still owns FUBU, the fashion company that made him rich. FUBU gained popularity in the 1990s after rap superstar and John’s friend, LL Cool J started wearing the clothing. He was able to convince his mother, who taught him how to sew, to take out a second mortgage on their house and he and his friends launched the fashion line.

Within a span of six years after it was launched, FUBU, which stands for “For Us By Us”, was already generating $350 million yearly in revenue.

#9 Kevin O’Leary- $400 million

Keven O'Leary Net Worth

Known on Shark Tank as Mr Wonderful, O’Leary is known for his often direct and abrasive approach with entrepreneurs. He began his journey in his Toronto basement with a $10,000 investment from his mother which he used to start his company, SoftKey Software Products. SoftKey specialized in distributing software on CD-ROM in the 1990’s. Within a few years, SoftKey had bought out nearly all of its competitors and in 1999 O’Leary sold the company over to Mattel for $3.7 billion.

“Mr Wonderful” is the founder and chairman of O’Leary Funds which is a mutual fund company through which he raises hundreds of millions of dollars from investors. He takes on investments that are not only financially beneficial but also environmentally friendly.

#8 Kevin Harrington-(Shark Season 1&2) $450 Million


Remember him? He was one of the original sharks appearing during season 1 and 2.  Harrington is the founder of As Seen On TV.  Known for his knack for developing products and selling them by the millions, he created his first infomercial in 1985.  He founded a company called Quantam International and later created a joint venture company with The Home Shopping Network.

He is currently the CEO of the Internet company TVGoods and Chairman of the Board of Directors for  As Seen On TV, Inc.

#7. Anne Wojcicki (Guest Season 11) $500 Million

By TechCrunch –, CC BY 2.0,

Wojcicki is the cofounder and CEO of 23andMe, a pioneering direct-to-consumer DNA testing firm. She co-founded the company in 2006 along with Linda Avey and Paul Cusenza. In 2007, the company received in investment of $3.9 million from Google (at the time, Wojcicki was married to Google co-founder Sergey Brin). In 2019, the company saw it’s revenue exceed $450 million.

#6 Sara Blakely-(Guest Season 9 & 10) $1 billion

Sarah Blakely took her $5,000 savings to start up Spanx.  It took her a year to create the first prototype that she tried out on friends and family, which was unheard of at the time. She was running the company out of her apartment and was still a fax machine salesperson at the time.  Her big break came when she met with a Neiman Marcus Group.  Blakely was able to prove the benefits of Spanx by changing into the product in the ladies restroom in the presence of the Neiman Marcus buyer.  Soon after, Blakely sent a basket of products to the Oprah Winfrey Show and Spanx eventually made the list Oprah’s Favorite Things in 2000.  This endorsement helped drive sales to about $10 million the f

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